Why choose ONERugged and rugged Product Services

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Why choose ONERugged and rugged Product Services

Relying on 15 years of rugged products experience and technology accumulation of Emdoor Information, ONERugged has declared several invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents, and has formed a deep understanding of rugged computers, market, and customer needs. Based on this, ONERugged has achieved an accurate brand positioning: focusing on customers, with high performance, excellent reliability, and customer-centered service as the strategy points, designed for robustness, high performance, stability, and flexibility, to ensure that products can complete various demanding tasks in harsh environments. Before being sold to the market, ONERugged products will go through multiple rigorous tests to ensure that they are qualified and durable. We also provide you with convenient and comprehensive services before and after sales.

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Service and support:

Product service and support: ONERugged has a perfect system of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. We offer the following services:

  • Debug the device in advance so that it can be used easily out of the package.

  • Provide vehicle mounts, docking chargers, straps, and other accessories to help mobile workers better use and carry products.

  • Ensure a low failure rate and robustness of products, and offer a three-year warranty for the machine and a one-year warranty for the battery and adapter. You can also purchase an extended warranty service to lengthen the warranty period.

Consulting services:

  • Our consulting services cover the complete cycle from product pre-sales to after-sales, software, and hardware consulting, as well as five product series consulting.

  • And we provide our customers with a 24-hour online consultant to solve your complex/tricky/urgent problems.

  • For your work scenarios, we will select the applicable device for you to ensure that it can not only meet the work needs of staff, but also ensure device durability during the workflow, so as to improve the efficiency of your entire team.

  • When there is a problem in your device, we will perform remote fault diagnosis and comment on the current Settings, including imaging processes, networks, interfaces, etc.

  • We provide professional training on how to use the device you purchase, such as connecting to the network, screen calibration, battery disassembly and use of software, product installation, and more.

  • To contact us, you can visit our official website: Chinese: www.onerugged.cn

  • Overseas: https://www.onerugged.com →About Us→Contact Us

  • Or call us directly at 400-830-4882

Warranty Services:

The following conditions are covered by the warranty

  1. Please check the device in time after receiving it. If there is a failure or an unqualified part due to quality problems within 7 days, we offer a free replacement.

  2. If the new device still has the same fault after two maintenance within 15 days, it can be replaced by a new one of the same brand and the same model depending on the actual situation.

  3. For the device loss and damage maintenance caused by the user's improper operation, we will charge a certain cost (including material costs and labor costs)

  4. Within three years, if there is no human damage to your device, we will provide component replacement and free repair service. You also have lifetime access to our technical support services in China, as well as online access to drivers, software updates, BIOS updates, utilities, and manuals.

  5. You can extend the standard warranty period of the device you purchased to five years, and contact our sales staff for the specific expense, extending the coverage to match your renewal cycle. The extended warranty can reduce the maintenance cost of the device outside the standard warranty period and the maintenance cost. With our professional after-sales team support, we can make the maintenance cycle shorter, and will not delay your work time.

The following conditions are not covered by warranty

  1. The device received by the customer is intact and can be used normally, but the damage caused by the customer's reasons for the return of the device and lack of packaging during transportation, is not covered by the warranty, and the repair cost or device cost incurred will be borne by the customer depending on the damage of the device.

  2. Device failure or damage caused by failure to install, use, maintain, and keep the device according to the user manuals.

  3. The warranty certificate does not match the device model or the warranty certificate is altered.

  4. The device nameplate and SN code are indistinct and cannot be identified.

  5. The warranty period has been exceeded.

  6.  Device failure or damage caused by irresistible factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).

Global service center

Our repair center is located in Shenzhen, China. If your device fails, we will provide you with fast repair and excellent service.

Cost description: If your device has hardware failure due to non-human damage within the warranty period, we will provide you with free repair service, and you only need to pay the shipping cost of sending the device back to China and may pay the customs clearance fee. Before repair, please back up your data in advance, because your data may be lost during repair. ONERuggged accepts no liability for damage or loss of personal data during repair.


  1. Respond to customers instantaneously

  2. Put forward temporary countermeasures within 4 hours

  3. Submit the 8D improvement report within 3 days

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Data security:

The customer data in devices shipped to our factory for repair, will be carefully maintained security and confidentiality, and we will never disclose any information about our customers.