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Vehicle Management
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Vehicle Management Solution

A tablet designed for in-vehicle operation and fleet management scenarios can meet different needs of almost any vehicle types.
In-Vehicle Operation
At present, the degree of mechanization of vehicles is relatively high, but the degree of informatization is low. On the one hand, it is due to the lack of information means in the operation process. On the other hand, it is because the particularity of the industry will bring higher security risks. With our in-vehicle operation solution, your desired effects such as the information transformation and upgrade, the operational level and safety improvement can be realized.
Faster and more accurate responses
The ONERugged vehicle pc integrates 4G LTE function, makeing it easy for drivers to collect and transform vehicle data, so the managers can send down the instructions and follow-up arrangements in time. And its built-in speakers can avoid noisy background situation and instruction misjudgement.
Precise positioning and navigation capabilities
The built-in GNSS positioning module of the ONERugged vehicle pc can upload the collected information to the management platforms through the wireless network, which can realize precise positioning, navigation and efficient scheduling and monitoring of vehicle operations, so as to improve operating efficiency and to create more economic benefits.
Multitasking application flexibility
The ONERugged vehicle pc has multiple I/O interfaces, which can be connected with massive related sensors, controllers, cameras, etc., to realize required functionalities and to maintain flexibility for multitasking applications.
Suitable for all vehicle environments
The ONERugged vehicle pc has passed the IP65 dustproof and waterproof level tests, and with the M12 aviation plugs, it can keep stable at all times even in harsh environments such as vibration, bumps, and outdoors. Meanwhile, its optional wide voltage range module can help to protect the products and to meet all vehicle types by converting different voltage inputs.
Fleet Management
Due to the complicated traffic operations and safety issues, it is really difficult for fleet managers to monitor road traffic conditions in real-time and guarantee the safety of vehicles. With the help of our fleet management solution, you can track the exact location of vehicles to optimize vehicle schedules, or plan the best route to ensure that the vehicle arrives accurately and safely.
Precise positioning and timely scheduling
The ONRugged vehicle pc leverages GPS tracking to provide managers with visibility into a fleet's location and surroundings in real-time, which is conducive to optimize vehicle scheduling based on the road conditions, and at the same time, managers can plan the optimal route to improve fleet efficiency.
Dynamic monitor with hd camera
The ONRugged vehicle pc can be connected to two surveillance cameras, one is to monitor driver performance and safety record in vehicle, another is to monitor traffic levels and environments on roads. In this way, it is convenient for managers to monitor vehicles and keep drivers performing specific instructions, to ensure smooth transportation.
Real-time communication and visibility
The ONERugged vehicle pc has 4G function to ensure real-time data flow with the fleet management center, so that managers can remotely monitor vehicle transportation information, make timely adjustments, issue instructions, and break the info vallum.
Improved driver safety
GPS precise positioning provides the best route for the fleet, and the external camera is convenient for the driver to view changes in the surrounding environment. At the same time, the ONERugged vehicle pc is equipped with a one-key alarm button to deal with various accidents during transportation and ensure transportation safety.
Solution Applications
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In order to meet the needs of in-vehicles use, the ONERugged has designed a series of vehicle pcs. The vehicle pc features a rugged and fanless body adapted to the harsh outdoor environment, and a unified operation interface for convenient use Its rich and expandable I/O interfaces allow stablely communication with various peripherals such as cameras, RTK receivers, and sensors to realize the functionalities required by users. In addition, the ONERugged has also designed the matching fixing brackets, antennas, interface adapter cables, etc., which can make it easier for users to install the vehicle pc in vehicles.

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