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Energy and Utilities
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Energy and Utilities Solution

ONERugged provides a complete set of rugged mobile termianls for energy and utilities, including ONERugged rugged mobile pc, rugged handheld and rugged notebook specifically designed to meet site-specific operational needs and challenges.
On-Site Operation
Energy and utilities on-site staff are required to have the ability to perform tasks quickly and efficiently on-site, and to achieve this, they need durable and reliable mobile communications equipment. With our on-site operation solution, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc and notebook, field staff can perform various on-site tasks such as maintaining equipment, reading data, and transmitting information without being affected by harsh environments.
Quickly reaction for real-time communication
With WiFi and a 4G/5G connection, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc and notebook can be used for real-time information access and accelerate coordinate responses and inspections for the faster and more efficient performance of on-site tasks.
Real-time positioning for accurate scheduling
With GPS navigation and positioning functions, managers can coordinate on-site staff according to positioning. On-site staff can also rely on scheduling information and route selection to properly prioritize actual tasks to complete tasks effectively.
Long Lasting Standby 
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc and notebook has an endurance time of over 8 hours. The hot-swappable battery design allows replacing a depleted battery with a spare without interrupting the task, providing stable and long endurance for the full shifts required in outdoor environments.
Maintain stable operation in harsh outdoor environments
Equipped with a sun-visible screen, whether in the sun or poor visibility environment, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc and notebook can still provide an excellent display. The touch panel is also able to maintain sensitive touch reactions with gloves and wet hands, which facilitates the on-site staff to operate in harsh outdoor environments.
Maintenance Management
Energy and utilities as an asset and information-intensive industry, the key to success lies in the maintenance and management of assets, staff, facilities, and all types of information. With our maintenance management solution, you can track, manage, maintain, and optimize tangible assets, staff work, and infrastructure through ONERugged rugged mobile pcs and handhelds to achieve information management in whole processes and improve productivity and revenue.
Various interfaces for easy connections
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc has extensive I/O interfaces and can be easily connected to various diagnostic tools on site for testing and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of equipment and avoid interruption.
Real-time data access
With WiFi and 4G connection capability, ONERugged rugged mobile pc can access remote information of asset, operation, and personnel information in real-time, to optimize tracking, management, and maintenance processes.
Rapid and easy barcode reading
The built-in 2D scanner module of ONERugged rugged handheld can achieve the reasonable management of enterprise fixed assets and facilities. For example, you can tag and track assets according to their geographic locations or asset types, greatly improving the accuracy and easy operation of asset management.
Fingerprint identification for security
The ONERugged rugged handheld supports fingerprint identification, which can meet the requirements of occupational safety and industry sensitivity. The staff has to pass fingerprint identification before using the device for maintenance management work.
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In the ONERugged energy and utilities solution, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc, notebook and handheld maintain excellent and stable performance and mobility in various operational scenarios, assisting in improving productivity in on-site operation and maintenance management. The ONERugged rugged mobile pc and notebook have powerful computing ability, WiFi and 4G/5G connection capacity, GPS navigation and locating functions, I/O interfaces, hot-swappable and large-capacity batteries, and rich accessories. The ONERugged rugged handheld has a 2D code scanning function, fingerprint identification, and accessories such as hand straps, and docking chargers. As the intelligent terminal infrastructures in above two specific scenarios, they can greatly improve the efficiency of daily tasks.

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