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Transportation Solution

Our transportation solution - the ONERugged rugged mobile pc is designed to ensure accurate and fast delivery of commodities, so as to realize the intelligent and dynamic monitoring and management of vehicles.
Distribution and Fleet Management
Due to the complex transportation environment, it is difficult for enterprises to track the transportation status of the fleet in real time and ensure the punctual and accurate delivery of the commodity. Our distribution and fleet management solution - the ONERugged rugged mobile pc, can track and communicate with your fleet and get access to critical data in real time for accurate distribution and fleet management.
Enhanced navigation real-time tracking
With a GPS navigation function, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc can track every vehicle in the fleet and report the location information in real-time, which provides strong technical support and a database for fleet management.
Connected to real-time communication
With reliable 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity technology, drivers can quickly access critical data through the network, and fleet managers can also keep in touch with drivers by using the communication integration function of the ONERugged rugged mobile pc.
Maintain stable operation in harsh outdoor environment
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc is equipped with a sun-visible LCD screen, which is visible and operable under outdoor light. Its touch screen can be used under inconveniences such as with gloves and wet hands, as well as in cold or rainy weather.
Stable and outstanding endurance performance
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc lasts for more than 8 hours thanks to its high-capacity battery and the hot-swappable battery design, which can provide needed energy for multiple shifts without interruption. It also can be matched with a single battery docking charger, which can provide device charging and battery charging, so as to ensure long endurance.
Solution Applications
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Our transportation solution is mainly composed of ONERugged rugged mobile pcs, including GPS, 4G, WiFi and other functions, which can help to monitor the status and position of any vehicle in the fleet, and read critical data anytime and anywhere, enabling distribution and fleet management from multiple dimensions. It also contains a series of standard accessories such as hot-swappable and large-capacity batteries and docking chargers, ensuring long endurance for multiple shifts of fleet drivers and managers.

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