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Manufacturing Solution

The ONERugged manufacturing solution meets all your needs for production tools, including panel pcs and rugged mobile pcs, aiming to help you to maintain a competitive advantage in manufacturing at all times.
Factory Information Management
Establishing an MES job station is very useful for achieving advanced production management. You can install our ONERugged panel pc in any location of the factory through the bracket to achieve a visual and transparent factory, so as to improve the efficiency of production.
Process information transmitted in real time
The ONERugged panel pc is capable of integrating all systems in the factory and forming a data platform in which the data can be linked with ERP, and connected to the PLC, data acquisition and display equipment, etc., to transfer real-time operation process information for the staff.
Long endurance for all-day operation
The ONERugged panel pc has extremely high reliability and stability to meet the needs of long time production and continuous operation, even to satisfy the seven days of continuous operation of the factory without interruption.
Various interfaces for external connection
The ONERugged panel pc is designed in strict accordance with industrial standards, providing a variety of I/O interfaces such as serial ports and USB to achieve the external connection of various peripherals with high stability and scalability.
For different installation scenarios
The ONERugged panel pc can be easily installed into the numerical control devices like various small and medium-sized mechanical equipment by the means of wall-mounted, desktop, embedded and other installation methods.
Machine Management
With our ONERugged panel pc, it means high resolution lcd panel with computing ability is installed on the production line, to effectively control the production process, so as to realize human-computer interaction applications and simplify numerical control operation.
Provide stable and uninterrupted network service
The ONERugged panel pc supports WIFI roaming which is able to provide a stable signal without space limitation of the workshop and enables the data uploaded efficiently and steadily and the real-time information transmitted punctually, in order to provide real-time data for the analysis of production management and subsequent improvement.
Instant power on and time-lapse power off
With the built-in battery, the ONERugged panel pc can be quickly turned on when powering on the master switch without the necessity of manually turning them on one by one. Meanwhile, they can be powered off directly and not affected by the system breakdown caused by a blackout, which is due to the protection of time-lapse shutdown mode, so as to improve work efficiency.
Long endurance performance
The external radiator of the ONERugged panel pc provides good heat dissipation capacity and long endurance for the whole machine to adapt to the factory's needs of all-day continuous production.
Realize the transparent information management
By using ONERugged panel pc, you can achieve real-time production information acquisition, reasonable and timely production planning and adjustment, and transparent on-site information management.
On-Site Operation
The efficiency of production management in the existing manufacturing industry is relatively low. With the help of our ONERugged panel pc, you can introduce the code-scanning technology into production management, and carry out the acquisition and application of dynamic data for each process in production, so that the whole process of production can be controlled and managed.
Commodity quality check by reading barcodes
ONERugged panel PC is connected to scanning triggers, weighing devices, and other external peripherals through serial ports. It allows staff to scan commodity barcodes to check raw material information in real-time and perform random quality checks to ensure high-quality finished products.
High-strength aluminum housing
The ONERugged panel pc adopts aluminum alloy material with strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, avoiding a lot of residue and oil corrosion. Meanwhile, it has a front panel with IP65 waterproof that is not affected by regular cleaning.
Multiple sizes and multiple installation methods
The ONERugged panel pc offers 10.1/15.6-inch screen options, and solid VESA brackets to be attached in any needed location for staff to view production information.
Intelligent production scheduling
All orders and production information can be handled digitally in the ONERugged panel pc. For example, production tasks can be dynamically assigned and delivered based on actual production, equipment status, and resource allocation.
Maintenance Management
When you want to quickly find an equipment asset or solve an unexpected problem in a production facility, you should locate them immediately. Using our ONERugged rugged mobile pc's scanning technology, you can easily manage assets and optimize maintenance of production facilities.
Record assets with scanning technology
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc adopts an integrated enterprise-level scanner, which can be used to collect barcode data and obtain asset information under various conditions. Meanwhile, extensively available accessories like shoulder and back straps are provided for staff to carry around.
Support seamless roaming
There are some inconveniences of information transmission in the factory such as large space, many indoor obstacles, and many WIFI nodes. With the WIFI 6 technical support and optional 4G/5G communication function of our ONERugged rugged mobile pc, timely information and the data upload will not be affected when switching between access points.
Built-in mobility management for enterprise
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc can easily provide system management solutions and services for devices, applications, and information. The Unified device-side application management enables more efficient integration and processing of asset information and timely status monition of the equipment.
Excellent protection performance and long endurance
Passed the IP65 protection level test, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc is anti-fall, dustproof, waterproof, and suitable for a factory environment. With an optional hot-swappable function, it allows users to replace a backup battery while the data is being uploaded without a break-off.
Solution Applications
Solution Diagram

The ONERugged manufacturing solution includes ONERugged panel pcs and rugged mobile pcs that are specific to multiple demand scenarios. The panel pc can be integrated with all data platforms, and installed in any location of the factory through the brackets, to realize the factory information management; The ONERugged panel pc also provides high definition panel for the production line to overcome the human-computer interaction application and other problems, making it simple and clear for CNC operation; The ONERugged panel pc is connected with the external code scanner, which can collect and unload every information in the process of production so that the on-site operation can be managed intelligently and controllably; The ONERugged rugged mobile pc is easy to be applied in operation and maintenance management with mobile code-scanning technology, so as to improve asset management and optimize the maintenance of production facilities.

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