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ONERugged is a new brand of Shenzhen Emdoor Information Co., LTD. (Emdoor Information for short, stock code: 001314), and a one-stop supplier of rugged computing solutions.

With high performance, excellent reliability, and customer-centered service as the brand strategic points, ONERugged sticks to independent research and development and continuous construction of industrial ecology. Through a full series of rugged computers and vehicle PCs, ONERugged will provide innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions and services to global users and solve industrial pain points. We are committed to improving the overall level of digitization and informatization of the whole industrial chain. With rugged handhelds, rugged mobile PCs, vehicle PCs, panel PCs, and rugged notebooks, ONERugged offers six solutions covering retail, warehousing, vehicle management, transportation, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and mainly serves large terminals, software integrators, and agents, to create value for customers.

Your One-Stop Rugged Computing Solution Provider
16 years
Rely on 16 years of rugged computers experience
Strong strength and large volume, with an annual capacity of more than 400K devices
916 item
The number of patents is 916
A close connection takes your business to the next level

Contact with customers directly through our brand,

reduce intermediate links, deeply understand customers' pain points and needs, and provide specific solutions.

With innovative technologies to help you solve problems

A senior R&D team and strong supply chain

Mature management support to provide customers with high-quality, high-value, and fully certified products

We are always here for you

With a strong service support team, customers can enjoy perfect service and support from pre-sale to after-sale.