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Kiosk Mode
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Kiosk Mode

ONERugged Kiosk Mode APP has functions such as usage restriction, which can help administrators to limit the programs or services available to device users, helping to streamline interaction, improve productivity, and enhance security. It is suitable for retail, logistics, hospital, education, hotel, and other user scenarios

Functional highlight
Works on all Android models of ONERugged

Supports programs or shortcuts for non-desktop display

Supports completely disabling programs or shortcuts

Supports import and export software configurations, facilitating batch deployment

Supports Notification Bar Settings on devices, such as hiding the Noti fication Bar

Supports Display Settings on devices, such as setting Kiosk wallpapers

Supports Security Settings on devices, such as disabling external stor age devices

Two modes are supported: Admin Mode and User Mode. Only adminis trators have permission to perform related operations

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