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Warehouse Management
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Warehouse Management Solution

ONERugged offers an intelligent solution for warehouse by providing an unimpeded network to keep smooth communication and information transfer anytime, establishing visual management of all assets, staff, and processes inside and outside the warehouses.
Warehouse Management
The key to warehouse management is figuring out a way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of commodities in and out of storage. With the help of our warehouse management solution, you can use the ONERugged rugged handheld to input and access the information of commodities accurately in real-time during the operation processes and complete the stocktaking of a large number of commodities in a short time, which saves your time and effort to handle incoming and outgoing goods.
Accurately record storage information of commodities
Equipped with an available soft decoder, the ONERugged rugged handheld is capable to improve the speed and accuracy of code scanning, which is more conducive for warehouse staff to do the daily tasks of storage management and record the storage location and inventory of commodities effectively in less time and effort.
Real-time inventory tracking
The ONERugged rugged handheld not only offers a wide range of fast code scanning service, but also realizes real-time upload of goods information and efficient assets inventory via 5G, which is not limited by warehouse space and commodity volume.
Larger display can improve productivity
The larger display allows warehouse personnel to see more information of commodities at once, and the body is more thin and light, realizing mobile operations and facilitating employees to carry or arrange anywhere inside and outside the warehouse.
Achieve a sustainable warehouse
ONERugged rugged handheld has massive battery capacities that can last for one day without reaching for a charging cable, meanwhile, the detachable design allows to replace an extra battery throughout a two-working shift, achieving sustainable fulfillment operations to your warehouse.
Freight and Terminal Management
It is a complex and difficult challenge to improve the efficiency and security of operation in freight and terminals, while it can be a simple and effective solution by integrating all assets, staff and processes into a unified multifunctional mobile terminal. With our freight and terminal solutions, you can attach ONERugged vehicle pc to vehicles such as gantry cranes and locomotives to track assets, communicate with staff, thereby reducing waiting and turnaround time, and ensuring compliance.
Information transmission in real time
With 3G and 4G capability, the ONERugged vehicle pc can efficiently transmit information and data to the central console, which is convenient for the managers to issue or adjust real-time instructions to the operators timely according to the actual situation, so as to improve the work efficiency and eliminate the information errors caused by long distance.
Available UHF Reader for remote scanning
Equipped with an available RFID reader externally, forklift drivers can use the reader for remote scanning to search containers and other commodities information in real-time while patrolling in the terminals, leading to a break of space restriction of the large-volume commodities and greater conveniences of information search.
Meet various voltage requirements of operating vehicles
The external wide voltage module can meet the voltage requirements of multiple vehicles in the freight yard so that the ONERugged vehicle pc is suitable for different types of vehicles.
Stable and outstanding protection performance
The ONERugged vehicle pc meets the IP65 protection standard which enables it to satisfy the freight requirements of being waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. At the same time, it is equipped with aviation plug interfaces and stable mounting brackets to ensure the stability of the connection and avoid the impact of strong vibration during use.
Large-scale Warehouse Management
There are many challenges for large-scale warehouses in seeking ways to promote operational efficiency and productivity, and one of the most is forklifts operation in warehouses, distribution centers, and the industrial environment. With our large-scale warehouse management solution, ONERugged vehicle pc, you can more easily mount it onto the forklift to expedite a digital and intelligent transformation of the warehouse, and to optimize the user experience.
Accurate and fast access to warehouse data
The ONERugged vehicle pc supports barcode scanners and RFID readers, which can input and read the warehouse data precisely and quickly without the restriction of space of the warehouse, or height of commodity, so as to facilitate the large warehouse management.
Seamless data upload connection
External antennas are connected to enable that the networking is stable and seamless when forklifts operate between different AP service areas in the warehouse, so as to ensure that the on-site data is timely and accurately uploaded to the system background to prevent information errors.
Suitable for different forklifts
The external wide voltage module meets the different voltage requirements of forklift, and equipped with the mounting brackets of forklifts at the same time, which enable ONERugged vehicle pc to be adaptable to various types of forklifts, and enlarge the application range.
Adapt to harsh vibration environment
As a transfer tool, forklifts travel on harsh roads very often. The severe bumps encountered in driving may affect the equipment connection. The M12 aviation plug of the ONERugged vehicle pc is adopted to cope with severe vibration and ensure the stability of the interface connection.
Solution Applications
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ONERugged warehousing solution are mainly for three scenarios: warehouse management, freight and terminal management, and large-scale warehouse management, including rugged handheld for goods in/out and inventory in warehouse management, vehicle pc for gantry cranes, flow locomotives, and on an off-site forklift in freight and terminals and large-scale warehouses. Among them, the handheld with a built-in 2D barcode scanner can significantly improve the efficiency of goods in, out and inventory of the warehouse, etc., the vehicle pc fixed in the gantry crane, flow locomotive, forklift inside and outside the field can be used as central control, to keep staff in touch through 4G / WiFi network, and improve the cargo data read via external scanning trigger / RFID reader.

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