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OTA Updater
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OTA Updater

ONERugged OTA Updater provides deviceusers and managers with high-speed, stableand secure OTA upgrade solutions, to meetvarious upgrade requirements such as systemupgrades and application upgrades

Functional highlight
Works on all Android models of ONERugged

Quickly configures system functions without modifying system source code

Supports operation Settings, such as autostart from the boot, disabling services, and MDM.

Supports display Settings, such as adjusting the screen orientation

Supports memory Settings, such as disabling RAM

Supports network Settings, such as disabling Ethernet and editing system APN

Supports key Settings, such as disabling the home/menu/back key

Import and export software configurations, facilitating mass deployment

Download manuals, software, images and videos and get access to online technical support resources and troubleshooting.
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