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Retail Solution

Motivate the digital transformation of your entire retail ecosystem and optimize your customer experience with ONERugged's retail solution.
In-Store Operation
To improve the customer experience and store competitiveness, it is necessary to use newer technologies to keep employees productive and purposeful. With the assistance of our in-store operation solution, ONERugged rugged handheld, which is helpful in optimizing the in-store inventory, staff, and sales management.
Seamless roaming networking functions
Equipped with a 4G and WiFi roaming function, the ONERugged rugged mobile pc ensures that staff can instantly connect to the network and access member information, commodities, inventory, and other relevant data when they move to different AP service areas in the store.
Scan barcodes for instantly goods information
Equipped with an excellent code-scanning function, which allows staff to read commodity information under almost any conditions. The accurate information record relieves the staff's burden of remembering large quantities of goods.
Long endurance and fast charging
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc's built-in high-capacity battery ensures up to 8 hours of battery life and is capable of meeting the needs of staff for an entire shift. Also equipped with fast charging adapter, it can be fully charged in a very short period.
Portable design and HD clear display
The ONERugged rugged mobile pc is designed to be slim and lightweight, which makes it convenient for staff to use and carry around in one hand. And with the high-resolution screen, it can clearly and delicately display the list of commodity information in detail.
Inventory Management
Inventory visibility helps staff better serve customers while facilitating the management and sorting of inventory. With ONERugged rugged handheld, you can efficiently and conveniently input inventory information and get real-time access to available stock, inventory locations, accurate costs, and other information to meet various user needs.
Enable an intelligent stocktaking mode
Manual stocktaking is replaced by intelligent stocktaking through connecting commodity labels and scanners to the system, and ONERugged rugged handheld can scan labels to complete the stocktaking of commodities quickly and precisely, reducing the work burden and improve the efficiency of inventory management.
Convenient and easy use of the scanning function
The ONERugged rugged handheld is equipped with code scan buttons on both sides, which ensures the use of both left and right hands. Coupled with a series of accessories, it is more convenient and labor-saving. Meanwhile, the buttons additionally provide long service life.
Various options for battery charging
The ONERugged rugged handheld is able to be charged not only by power lines but also by a docking charger. Meanwhile, the service time of the rugged handheld can be extended thanks to its detachable battery. When one battery runs out, staff can replace it with another full battery immediately, so as to keep a long endurance and improve management efficiency.
Flexible allocation of stock commodities
Using ONERugged rugged handheld, you can quickly locate the stores and shelves of the commodities, and find the nearby stores with inventory to coordinate inventory allocation timely in the case of out of stock.
Solution Applications
Solution Diagram

The ONERugged retail solution contains a series of rugged handhelds and rugged mobile pcs, which can be linked to commodities in retail stores or warehouses to improve the efficiency of in-store operation and inventory management via its integrated 2D scanner. Besides, they are also with a series of standard accessories such as hand-strap, docking charger, and others for mobility and convenience during use.

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Deeply understand customer needs and provide software services, aiming to improve efficiency by simplifying, accelerating, and automating management processes and workflows.

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