Quickly browse ONERugged. A summary of the highlights of 18 brand-new rugged computing products

News Press center Quickly browse ONERugged. A summary of the highlights of 18 brand-new rugged computing products

Quickly browse ONERugged. A summary of the highlights of 18 brand-new rugged computing products

When digital transformation becomes a key factor for enterprises to maintain long-term competitiveness, productivity has broken through scenarios, and products and services have gradually become the most concerned issues of users. Not long ago, ONE Rugged successfully held a brand conference, bringing 18 new products in five series including reinforced handheld terminals, reinforced tablets, reinforced notebooks, vehicle-mounted tablets, and industrial tablets, as well as four digital solutions for warehousing and logistics, energy, intelligent manufacturing, and transportation. The solution was unveiled, and a 3-year extended warranty service was launched, focusing on high performance, high reliability and high service, redefining the hardened computer industry, so as to promote efficient collaboration in the digital industry, full coverage of digital scenarios, and won unanimous praise!


Ruggedized computers are different from consumer computers, and are designed to deal with harsh and extreme environments. ONE Rugged has made great efforts for users in terms of appearance, structure, technology, and performance.

In terms of appearance, structure, and craftsmanship, as a productivity tool for extreme environments, all new products of ONE Rugged are basically made of PC+ABS materials, and magnesium-aluminum alloy materials are used as the main part of the bracket to increase strength. The bracket extends from the panel to the bottom case in a penetrating manner, and its frame structure design makes the product look more solid. The product assembly method adopts the panel and bottom shell method. The sealing surface of the panel and the bottom shell adopts plane contact, and the sealing ring is assembled in the regular groove to increase the sealing performance. The groove is closed and the surrounding wall is designed. A high wear-resistant rubber material part is added to the matching part of the bottom shell to ensure the sealing between the shells and to prevent the product from being impacted when it is dropped. The button is designed with full rubber and plastic shell, and the double-material one-time molding method is used to meet the requirements of sealed buttons.

When designing internal stacking, fix the structural parts and hardware components on the main board with screws, and protect components that are prone to vibration and peeling with cushions and foam in advance to ensure uniform and reliable assembly. The LCD is fixed by metal brackets and rubber materials. The connection method is welded to ensure reliability, and elastic materials are used to compress it to prevent it from falling off. The PCB is fixed on the front shell panel by screws to ensure a certain amount of compression. The bottom shell is also fixed with the front shell panel and the middle fixing bracket by screws to increase reliability. The position layout is reasonable and the force is uniform to ensure the overall The machine has good strength and rigidity, and the inserts equipped with screws are inlaid and injected on the plastic case, which is more compact and reliable. The above appearance design, technology and workmanship make the new ONE Rugged computer products have reached an excellent level of reinforcement capability.

Now, I will summarize the key performance highlights of the 18 new ruggedized computer products at this conference, and have a glimpse of the new experience they bring.

ONERugged rugged handheld terminal

ONERugged has brought a ruggedized handheld terminal product H60T, which is a flagship 5G ruggedized handheld terminal equipped with an ARM architecture octa-core processor and an Android 12 operating system. It has a 5.99-inch large screen, IP65 high protection, barcode scanning, million Multiple functional features such as dual-pixel camera and 5G communication are suitable for the application requirements of various scenarios such as retail stores and warehouse inventory.


ONERugged Rugged Tablet

ONE Rugged has brought 7 ruggedized tablet products, ranging from 8 inches to 10.1 inches, and then to 12.2 inches full-size, equipped with a full platform from the 12th generation Core to the 11th generation Celeron, and then to the ARM architecture processor, with high-definition bright screen, Multiple configuration options such as WiFi 6 wireless network, removable battery, and replaceable module positions can bring more powerful productivity and easily cope with rich usage scenarios across the industry.


ONERugged Rugged Notebook

ONE Rugged has brought two rugged notebook products, N14T and N15T, which use the 11th generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors, can be equipped with Windows 10 operating system, and are full of strength. In addition, wireless communication and connection functions are also available. Going up to the next level, it supports WiFi 6 wireless transmission, supports M.2 interface 5G/4G selection and Bluetooth 5.1, supports USB port/RS232 serial port/RJ45 network port and other interfaces, which can meet various connection needs.


ONERugged Vehicle Tablet

ONE Rugged has brought 4 vehicle-mounted tablet products, covering Windows version and Android version. They are tablets specially designed for special vehicle operations and storage forklifts, cranes and other special vehicles. It maintains stability at all times, and also has optimized network characteristics, precise navigation capabilities, multi-interface flexibility, and regulated power supply capabilities, making vehicle use safer and more secure.


ONERugged Industrial Tablet PC

ONE Rugged has brought 4 industrial tablet products, covering Windows version and Android version, suitable for demanding calculation, control and visualization tasks. Compact, sturdy, fanless design, wide temperature and wide pressure performance, can adapt to more harsh environments, 7×24 hours of operation will not affect reliability and service life. Various installation methods can be widely used in industrial control, communication, electric power, network and other automation fields.