No harm without comparison! 5 advantages of ONERugged supply chain

News Press center There is no comparison, there is no harm - 5 advantages of ONERugged supply chain

There is no comparison, there is no harm - 5 advantages of ONERugged supply chain

In today's highly competitive market environment, the supply chain plays a vital role in the intelligent manufacturing industry, which directly affects product quality, delivery time and cost-effectiveness. ONERugged has many advantages in the supply chain. Compared with other small manufacturers, these advantages enable it to better meet customer needs and provide high-quality products and services. This is also an important factor why ONE Rugged has a competitive advantage in the market.

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1. KK level productions

As a listed company, ONE Rugged has strong procurement capabilities. Its shipment scale reaches the KK level, and it is possible to purchase in large quantities, so as to obtain high-quality resources and stable material supply. This enables ONE Rugged to ensure product stability and consistency, reduce procurement costs, and further enhance product competitiveness.


2. Strategic cooperation with the original factory

ONERugged has established a strategic partnership with the original manufacturers of head chips (MTK, Intel, ARM) and operating systems (Android, Microsoft), which provides in-depth technical support and high reliability for its products. In addition, having GMS certification means that its products meet the standards of Google Mobile Services, providing users with a more stable and smooth experience and improving the market acceptance of the products.

3. Years of cooperation with suppliers of core bulky products

ONERugged has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with core large-scale suppliers, which enables it to arrange production in advance and ensure timely delivery when faced with fast-paced orders. This efficient supply chain management enables ONE Rugged to better meet market demand and improve order execution capabilities.

4. Strong capital

As a powerful enterprise, ONE Rugged has sufficient financial strength and can stock up in large quantities at one time. This provides it with the ability to quickly respond to market demand, shortening the delivery time for 100-unit bulk orders to 1-3 days to meet customers' urgent needs.


5. The supply chain management team has a clear division of labor

ONERugged has a professional and experienced supply chain management team. These team members have a clear division of labor, are familiar with the operation process of the supply chain, and can efficiently handle all aspects of the supply chain to ensure high-quality products and timely delivery. Their sophisticated management services also improve the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Compared with ONE Rugged, other small manufacturers have obvious disadvantages in the supply chain:

1. Small batches, high unit price orders, cheap and low-quality resources

Small manufacturers usually can only accept orders with small batches and high unit prices. Due to their small scale, they cannot obtain high-quality resources, and may use cheap and inferior materials, or even second-hand materials, resulting in unstable product quality.

2. Limited cooperation with the original factory, lack of product independent voice

Due to their small scale, it is difficult for small manufacturers to establish a solid cooperative relationship with the original manufacturers, and they lack the right to speak independently in terms of technical support and product design.

3. With the price as the core, the three defense requirements cannot be guaranteed

Small manufacturers usually use low prices as their core competitive strategy, and it is difficult to guarantee the three-proof requirements of the product, such as the accuracy of the mold, the clearance between the motherboard and the mold, and so on.

4. The financial pressure is high, and the delivery time is difficult to guarantee

Shortage of funds is a common problem faced by small manufacturers. They cannot stock up in large quantities at one time, resulting in uncertain delivery time, which may take 2-8 weeks or even longer.

5. Lack of professional supply chain management team, low efficiency of service and operation

Small manufacturers often lack a professional supply chain management team, and one person has multiple positions, resulting in low service and operational efficiency, making it difficult to efficiently respond to market demand.

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In terms of supply chain, ONE Rugged relies on its KK-level shipments, strategic cooperation with original manufacturers of head chips and operating systems, years of cooperation with product core large-scale suppliers, strong capital, and experienced supply chain management teams. These advantages enable the company to occupy a competitive advantage in the market and be able to provide high-quality products and efficient services. Compared with small manufacturers, ONE Rugged's supply chain advantages are obvious, which will help promote the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise.