ONERugged debuted at the 17th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

News Press center ONERugged debuted at the 17th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

ONERugged debuted at the 17th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

2023 The 17th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition (AIME Expo2023) will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from July 5th to 7th. and related service providers to discuss how to improve productivity, deepen manufacturing transformation, and move towards intelligent manufacturing.


AIME Expo is an important platform for  China's intelligent manufacturing to showcase new products and new technologies once a year and an important window for exchanges with the world's intelligent manufacturing community. The exchange and integrated development of intelligent manufacturing technology has boosted the prosperity of the intelligent manufacturing market at home and abroad.

Smart manufacturing is a super-large-scale complex system, which is a combination of various factors and technologies. The continuous development and advancement of smart manufacturing also puts forward new demands on digital infrastructure.

At this exhibition, ONERugged showcased the latest products and solutions for smart manufacturing, which belong to the category of digital infrastructure hardware, covering ruggedized handheld terminals, ruggedized tablet computers, ruggedized notebooks, and vehicle-mounted industrial control tablet terminals, aiming to harden computers through one-stop It can not only meet the core productivity requirements of computing power and connection, but also cope with the complexities brought about by the different manufacturing scenarios of thousands of industries. Challenges, create new value for industry customers, and stimulate new vitality for the development of intelligent manufacturing.

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Specifically, ONE Rugged can help all aspects of intelligent manufacturing scenarios, from factory informatization to machine control, from on-site operations to operation and maintenance management, there are corresponding products and digital technologies, enabling supply chain, manufacturing, and monitoring , operations and other rich business processes. And it has been applied on a large scale in many projects, helping industry customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and assisting manufacturing scenarios in dozens of industries such as automobiles, numerical control, furniture, home appliances, and materials to realize digital and intelligent transformation.


ONE Rugged provides more flexible and changeable usage methods for intelligent manufacturing through various forms of products, including handheld form, tablet form, notebook form, vehicle form and industrial control form. The handheld form, tablet form and notebook form usually adopt a portable size and design, which is convenient for mobile use in various environments for collection and calculation. The vehicle-mounted form and industrial control form usually adopt a size and design that are easy to install, and are convenient for fixed use during the manufacturing process for monitoring and control.

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Through multi-platform products, including Intel's Jasper Lake platform, Alder Lake platform, Tiger Lake platform, and other manufacturers' ARM architecture platforms, ONE Rugged has injected strong power into intelligent manufacturing to the greatest extent, providing a user experience with high performance and flexibility. ONE Rugged hopes to help industry customers find products suitable for their own manufacturing scenarios, fully consider the performance, system and environment used, so that users can experience better performance, more complete or more complex applications.

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Multiple connection

Connectivity is the foundation of digitization. In terms of network, ONE Rugged integrates wireless communication technologies such as 4G/5G, Wi-Fi 4/5/6, built-in/external antennas, and seamless roaming to realize the interconnection of intelligent manufacturing networks. In the field of Internet of Things, ONE Rugged introduces barcode scanning technology into its products, which greatly improves the ability of intelligent manufacturing information perception. In the field of input and output interfaces, ONE Rugged products support PCIe, USB, LAN, COM and other interfaces to meet the connection with peripheral devices or other multi-functional requirements under intelligent manufacturing.

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From multi-form to multi-platform, and then to multi-connection, Edoor's three-proof ONE Rugged products also have the security, stability and reliability for rich scenarios of intelligent manufacturing. IP65, anti-seismic and drop-resistant, wide-temperature operation, power-on, delayed shutdown, heat dissipation capacity... Perfectly adapt to the smart manufacturing site environment, and will also give birth to a series of new scenarios and new experiences, becoming a business expansion and innovation incubators.

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With the continuous transformation of intelligent manufacturing driven by new elements, new methods, and new production methods, facing the future, ONERugged will deepen the continuous innovation of digital technology, deeply integrate industries and consolidate digital infrastructure, so as to provide more intelligent manufacturing It is best to prepare for the needs and business forms to accelerate the digital transformation of thousands of industries.