Review of the Entire ONERugged Launch event

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Review of the Entire ONERugged Launch event

On May 30th, we held a brand launch event at COMPUTEX Taipei, where we officially released the ONERugged brand and a full range of brand products, including ruggedized handheld terminals, ruggedized tablet PCs, ruggedized notebooks, vehicle-mounted tablet PCs and industrial tablet PCs. It has attracted the attention of many people in the industry, and has been interviewed and reported by many news media such as Taiwan Economic Daily and Business Times. This is the first appearance of ONE Rugged, and it also marks a new dawn for the Chinese ruggedized computer brand.


For a long time in the past, whether it is establishing the ONE Rugged brand or creating brand products, we have always focused on high-end strategies, supported by advanced technology, centered on quality and experience, adhered to high-value principles, and continued to subvert, explore, and polish , was finally released.

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Brand interpretation

One-stop Ruggedized Computer Provider

ONERugged is not a pure smart data terminal provider, but a customer-centric, innovation-driven one-stop ruggedized computer provider. Specifically, ONE Rugged is a brand with ruggedized computers as its core, and has built five product matrices around its core business: ruggedized handheld terminals, ruggedized tablet PCs, ruggedized notebooks, vehicle-mounted tablet PCs, and industrial tablet PCs.


"Our mission is to provide superior products, solutions and services with the customer in mind."


Product Positioning

High performance, high reliability, high service

With the clear high-end wave and strong technical support, building leading performance, consolidating the foundation of quality, and pursuing user experience are our starting point and our unwavering belief. The full series of ONE Rugged brand products are fully benchmarked against international leading brands. From appearance to configuration, from function to experience, each model has been put into great effort, and it is a high-end flagship masterpiece that is worth looking forward to and exceeding expectations.


"Starting from the high end, high performance, high reliability, and high service are the product positioning of ONE Rugged"


Advantages highlighted

Technology, Users, Products, Services

On the one hand, relying on Emdoor Information, independent research and development, in-depth channels, deep technology accumulation and strong user accumulation are the key supports for the birth of ONE Rugged. On the other hand, when making products, ONE Rugged puts quality and service into important categories, independently produces and controls quality, and promises a three-year machine warranty. These strengths, this boldness, are rare in the rugged computer industry.


"We believe that ONE Rugged will become a strong brand."


scene focus

Create a new star in the global general market in an all-round way

ONERugged covers all scenarios. It not only announced and shared the four major industry application scenarios of warehousing and logistics, energy, intelligent manufacturing, and transportation at the press conference, but also is building more and expanding industry scenarios to provide users with comprehensive and full-scenario products and services. solution. Based on the global general market, it penetrates into all walks of life, so that ONE Rugged has more development opportunities and broader boundaries.


"Rugged computers have many subdivision scenarios and tracks. Although ONE Rugged has just started, we still have plenty of opportunities."


Just started, Long way to go

The above is the important content of this conference. You can see that ONE Rugged came with full sincerity, 5 categories, 18 products, and 4 major industry scenarios. I also believe that these intentions can really help you quickly realize digital transformation. , Improve employee efficiency and corporate competitiveness in an all-round way!


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