Leading the Future of Forestry: ONERugged Rugged Tablets Help the Intelligent Planning and Optimization of Forest Land

News Blog channel Leading the Future of Forestry: ONERugged Rugged Tablets Help the Intelligent Planning and Optimization of Forest Land

Leading the Future of Forestry: ONERugged Rugged Tablets Help the Intelligent Planning and Optimization of Forest Land

Forest land is an important natural resource of the country, which plays a fundamental role in maintaining national ecological security and has a strategic position in promoting economic and social development. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out the investigation of forest land resources and find out the "family background" of forest resources, which can provide reliable data support for forestry ecological construction, forest protection and utilization planning, and promote the sustainable development of forestry and the construction of a good ecological environment.


At present, there are still many challenges and difficulties in the planning and design of forest land investigation. The first is ecosystem complexity, including biodiversity, understanding and monitoring of ecosystem functions, and interactions between different ecosystems. The second is the impact of climate change and natural disasters on forest land, such as forest fires, droughts, floods, etc. Third, in terms of technology, the challenges of data acquisition and processing still exist, so it is necessary to continuously introduce reliable mobile intelligent terminals to assist. Since woodland surveys are often conducted outdoors, temperature, road conditions, strong light, and emergencies are extremely demanding on the robustness and environmental adaptability of the equipment. At this time, the ONERugged rugged tablet with extreme environmental adaptability can cope with it excellently.


Rugged Tablets


The introduction of ONERugged rugged tablets can assist in the fine planning and management of forestry and forest land investigation. Through GNSS multi-frequency point tracking, it is used for the collection, analysis, and management of geographic data, helping investigators record geographical locations, mark sample plots, draw maps, etc., thereby improving the accuracy of data and the visual presentation of geographic information. Through the ONERugged rugged tablet, investigators can record data such as vegetation, soil type, and wildlife distribution in real-time, greatly simplifying the process of data collection and collation, making planning standardized and refined, avoiding negligence and omission in the process, and making the data authentic and reliable.


Rugged Tablets


Robust and stable operation

The ONERugged rugged tablet meets the strict U.S. military test standards and 1.22-meter drop resistance test, achieving IP65 waterproof and dustproof performance. It still operates normally and efficiently at extreme temperatures from -20 °C to 60°C, and can cope with weather changes when investigating in wilderness, woodlands, or mountainous areas as well as accidental bumps and falls to avoid data loss or equipment damage caused by environmental reasons, and help investigators always focus on the execution of tasks without worrying about equipment failure.


Multi-networks for seamless communication

The ONERugged rugged tablet comes with a variety of network communication modules such as dual-band WIFI, 3G/4G, and higher-speed Bluetooth 5.1, stable network signals and multi-channel automatic switching, which can quickly transmit data and information, maintain smooth communication between personnel when performing investigation tasks outdoors, and real-time collaboration between devices and information sharing between team members also greatly improves work efficiency.


Accurate positioning, refined planning 

Using the multi-satellite positioning and navigation system GPS+Glonass+Beidou, the ONERugged rugged tablet can be accurately positioned in real-time, help investigators make up for the lack of limited vision, improve data accuracy, and achieve the purpose of effectively making full use of forest resources and improving the potential productivity of forests.


High brightness, long endurance

The ONERugged rugged tablet covers 8-12.2 inches, a 700nits high-definition high-brightness screen, allowing investigators to clearly and directly view the information and data on the screen even in strong outdoor sunlight, supporting the intuitive recording of the whole process of the task. Moreover, it is equipped with a large-capacity removable battery, which can last for a long time even when it is inconvenient to charge during outdoor investigations.


Rugged Tablets


In summary, in forestry planning, the ONERugged rugged tablet brings great convenience to planners with its durability, data collection, collaboration, and other characteristics. The introduction of the ONERugged rugged tablet not only optimizes the forest land survey planning process, but also brings innovative possibilities for future forestry management. The use of this intelligent tool will help forestry planning in a new era of digitalization and efficiency.