Do You Know These Features of Rugged Handheld PDAs? Insights from ONERugged

News Blog channel Do You Know These Features of Rugged Handheld PDAs? Insights from ONERugged

Do You Know These Features of Rugged Handheld PDAs? Insights from ONERugged

Rugged handheld PDAs are creating waves in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology sphere. Devices such as full-touch mobile data terminals, keyboard-based mobile data terminals, and RFID terminals demonstrate robust IoT capabilities and immense potential for application. They have garnered widespread attention across multiple industries and domains, especially in warehouse logistics and smart retail, where they have become prevalent in many leading medium to large enterprises.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The functionality of rugged handheld PDAs is crucial in practical use. Good features can deeply integrate with specific fields, empowering business scenarios and generating greater value. Recent advancements like 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E are progressively driving innovation and upgrades in rugged handheld PDAs.

This article focuses on ONERugged, a representative in the industrial PDA handheld and tablet market, and its rugged handheld terminal H60T, to highlight the functional features and industry trends of rugged handheld PDAs.

Performance of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

Performance determines the operating speed, response time, and processing capability of rugged handheld PDAs. In industries where massive information and data are rapidly expanding, choosing a high-performance rugged handheld PDA can significantly extend its lifespan.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The ONERugged H60T rugged handheld terminal is equipped with an industrial-grade high-performance ARM architecture octa-core processor. Its eight cores include two 2.2GHz Arm Cortex-A76 big cores and six 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A55 small cores, offering higher efficiency and a smoother user experience. Running on Android 12, it enhances intelligence, usability, and power, thereby improving the user experience.

Design of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

For many industry workers, rugged handheld PDAs are not just tools but essential daily items. Therefore, design aspects like screen size, resolution, and handling experience are crucial. Portability, easy grip, and excellent screen performance are often prioritized by workers.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The ONERugged H60T is a rare large-sized, slim model in the industry, with a 5.99" screen, weighing 255g, and 14mm thick. The screen supports a 720x1440 resolution and 380 nits brightness, ensuring unaffected normal use. It features 5-point capacitive touch and is equipped with high-quality, damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Combined with the overall ruggedness, it offers excellent drop and scratch resistance. The design fits comfortably in the hand, providing an exceptional feel.

Communications of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

Communication needs for rugged handheld PDAs should be considered based on the different environments in which industry workers operate. Generally, Wi-Fi is preferred over data networks in indoor scenarios, while the opposite is true outdoors. Hence, both are equally important for rugged handheld PDAs.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The ONERugged H60T features an octa-core processor with integrated 5G baseband design, supporting dual-mode 5G, dual-carrier aggregation technology, and dual SIM dual standby. It covers global mainstream frequency bands, significantly improving performance, signal coverage, and connection stability. It also supports dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for critical tasks.

Battery Life of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

A good battery life not only enhances the work efficiency of rugged handheld PDAs but also allows workers to progress smoothly for longer periods. When considering battery life, it's important to look at battery capacity, whether it's built-in or removable, and charging methods.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The ONERugged H60T is equipped with a 4500mAh/3.8V lithium polymer battery, lasting up to 8 hours. It supports 10W adapter Type-C wired charging and Pogo Pin interface wireless charging via a charging dock. The removable battery design is suitable for multiple shifts and long working hours. When equipped with a spare battery, the charging dock can charge both the device and the spare battery simultaneously, simplifying the process and doubling charging efficiency.

Data Collection of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

Rugged handheld PDAs typically feature barcode scanning, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) (including Low Frequency LF, High Frequency HF, Ultra High Frequency UHF), fingerprint recognition, and other data collection functions. They can rapidly read barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags, etc., which are key features of rugged handheld PDAs.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

The ONERugged H60T integrates an international 2D scanning engine, coupled with symmetrically positioned scanning buttons, offering enterprise-level data collection capabilities. This engine employs industry-leading technology and algorithms to meet high-performance scanning needs, enabling easy close-range reading of multiple barcodes and scanning distances of up to over 60 centimeters, thus enhancing the productivity of mobile workers.

Industrial Characteristics of Rugged Handheld PDAs:

Rugged handheld PDAs are an upgraded version of consumer PDAs, primarily differentiated by their ability to operate in stringent industrial environments, such as high temperatures, dust, and humidity. Most industry workers are concerned about the industrial protection levels of rugged handheld PDAs.

Rugged Handheld PDAs

With silicone sealing rings, composite molding, and waterproof films/coatings/foams, the ONERugged H60T achieves an IP65 dust and water resistance rating, preventing dust ingress and protecting against low-pressure water jets from any angle. Additionally, the H60T withstands drops from 1.22 meters and operates in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, meeting a wide range of usage requirements.

About ONERugged:

ONERugged, a brand under Shenzhen Yidao Information Co., Ltd. (Yidao Information, stock code 001314), is a one-stop rugged computer provider. ONERugged focuses on high performance, reliability, and service as its strategic brand pillars. Its