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News Press center With the Long-Term Engagement in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing, ONERugged Empowers the Upgrading of China’s Manufacturing Industry

With the Long-Term Engagement in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing, ONERugged Empowers the Upgrading of China’s Manufacturing Industry

Under the strategic guidance of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0", the manufacturing industry is using various means to promote the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing. During the transformation, in addition to the innovation of manufacturing technology, it also includes information technology, mode, ecology, and other aspects of innovation, comprehensively promoting the next-level development of the manufacturing industry.

At present, China's manufacturing industry is in the transition stage of 2.0 to 3.0, and the level of intelligence between different industries and regions is very different, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking the desire and ability to promote Industry 4.0 or access to the platform. To this end, based on the accumulated mature experience of the intelligent manufacturing applications, for many links in actual production, and with the rugged mobile PC as the main product line, ONERugged encourages manufacturing enterprises to actively layout intelligent infrastructure, to create new scenarios, new solutions, new models of intelligent manufacturing under information conditions.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation

Event management

Event scheduling to facilitate production execution and control

The core goal of intelligent manufacturing event management is to improve production efficiency and quality, to achieve the optimal allocation and coordination of production resources. Therefore, it is necessary to use advanced technology and management means to achieve efficient, collaborative, and controllable production events and processes.

Using rugged tablet PCs and accessing the platform for production scheduling and control, flexible production plans can be carried out according to actual needs and resources to achieve effective scheduling and allocation of production tasks and personnel control, which can manage personnel information, work conditions, attendance, and safety issues in the production process.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Assets management

Monitor and maintain equipment assets to reduce failure costs

In manufacturing industry, asset management is a difficult and tedious task, which is faced with problems such as low efficiency, error omission, easy failure, and damage.

Rugged mobile PCs, with their powerful IoT features, improve operational visibility, monitor and maintain assets, extend asset lifecycle, and optimize performance. On the one hand, rugged mobile PCs can be mobile management and maintenance of assets, and improve management efficiency and data accuracy. On the other hand, rugged mobile PCs can unify the asset management process, customize the work area and maintenance process, reduce risk and loss, and extend the life of the asset.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Equipment management

Monitor equipment status to improve factory efficiency

Equipment management in the traditional manufacturing industry mainly relies on manual maintenance and manual recording, which is inefficient and error-prone. With the application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, equipment management has realized digitalization, information, and intelligence.

Through the management of production equipment through with rugged mobile PCs, managers can monitor and identify the equipment and its operating status on the production line, process and analyze the equipment data, and find faults and anomalies in advance, to ensure the continuity of production and quality stability. Moreover, it can also digitally manage the maintenance records of the equipment to realize the real-time monitoring and tracking of the maintenance process, making it easy to manage and improve plant operation efficiency.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Safety Management

Safety risk identification to ensure stable production.

Intelligent manufacturing covers the entire value chain of enterprises, in which security and risk management are particularly important. Intelligent manufacturing should monitor the parameters of the production workshop and the environment in real time through various sensors and monitoring equipment, and timely discover potential safety hazards to ensure stable production and environmental production.

As a stable and reliable device, the rugged mobile PC can be used for risk management and compliance management under the safety of the intelligent manufacturing environment, fully realizing the online management of safety production standardization, effectively controlling risks, and preventing accidents. Among them, the rugged mobile PC can connect various sensors through various interfaces, monitor of various environmental parameters, understand the production environment, and timely adjustment measures to help safe production.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Data Management

Data report analysis provides support for production plans. 

In the process of manufacturing digital transformation, there are still many problems and difficulties, such as slow data entry and update speed, and poor data integration and analysis ability, which hinder the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises.

With the digital management system, production managers can monitor and analyze various indicators in the production process through the workshop panel PC, such as production data and inventory data, etc., and can automatically calculate and generate multidimensional reports according to actual business needs, to optimize and improve the production process. The rugged mobile PC can also as production management equipment to view and manage.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Material Management

Production material collaboration for reasonable control of inventory.

Material for each manufacturing enterprise is an objective existence, many enterprises generally have long inventory cycle cycle, delivery delay and other problems, such as one of the important reasons for many drawbacks is the material management confusion.

The reinforced tablet computer can be used to supervise and coordinate the daily activities of the production warehouse, such as production, purchase and warehousing, returns, sales and warehousing, etc., through the warehouse management system to monitor the incoming and outgoing data, automatically calculate and update the real-time material inventory and product inventory data, improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management, and reduce inventory losses.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs

Production Management

Real-time collection of production data realizes early intervention and warning.


In the wave of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, real-time collection of workshop equipment production data has become particularly important. Rugged mobile PCs are smart devices specially designed for industrial applications, with industrial-grade design and various networking methods, providing a high-performance real-time production data acquisition solution for manufacturing enterprises.


Specifically, in the workshop scenario of a manufacturing enterprise, the rugged mobile PC can connect various types of equipment in the workshop, and collect production data in real time through multiple networking methods. Moreover, the built-in high-performance computing power can realize data processing, transformation, and analysis, to convert the original data into valuable information.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs


Quality Management

Record nonconforming products to ensure long-time improvement analysis.


With the increase of fierce market competition, quality management has become more and more demanding in manufacturing enterprises. A good quality management method can record and track data related to product quality, collect and analyze these data in real time, and help enterprises to monitor quality status, find problems in time, and take appropriate measures.


The rugged mobile PC can automatically collect quality data, interconnect with the operation and management data of manufacturing enterprises, and share it with relevant parties, strengthen total quality management through digital forms, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing enterprises.

ONERugged Rugged Mobile PCs