Need a work tablet for High temperature and humidity? ONERugged tablets for high temperature is your good choice

News Blog channel Need a work tablet for High temperature and humidity? ONERugged tablets for high temperature is your good choice

Need a work tablet for High temperature and humidity? ONERugged tablets for high temperature is your good choice

High-temperature weather is inseparable from heat dissipation, and strong heat dissipation can support longer-term high performance. The performance and heat dissipation of the whole series of ONERugged products have been greatly improved, especially with the blessing of ONERugged heat dissipation technology, the temperature of the whole stack of products can always be kept in a comfortable range, thereby bringing a better user experience.

The whole series of ONERugged tablets for high temperature are not only adopt the internal compact structure design to leave more space for heat dissipation, but also achieve more efficient heat conduction through two modes of active cooling and passive cooling, so you don’t have to worry about the down-frequency card after high temperature or long-term use pause.

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Active cooling mode: ONERugged tablets for high temperature based on the Intel Alder Lake platform 12th generation Core and Tiger Lake platform 11th generation Core processors are equipped with a heat conduction layer + heat dissipation layer. The former is a heat pipe and heat sink, and the latter is a fan and cooling holes. The heat of the core components is transferred to the heat sink through the heat pipe, and then forced out from the cooling holes by the fan. This active cooling mode can conduct the heat out faster. In addition, ONERugged's heat pipes and heat sinks use high thermal conductivity materials and large-size shapes to effectively expand the heat exchange rate and area. The fans use large-area high-speed fans, and the heat dissipation holes use air ducts to guide heat to quickly complete heat exchange. , to achieve an all-round improvement of the cooling effect.


Passive cooling mode: ONERugged's products based on Intel's Jasper Lake platform 11th generation Celeron and ARM architecture multi-core processors are designed with a heat conduction layer as the core. Generally speaking, the main frequency of CPU and GPU integrated in these processors is relatively low, and the power consumption of the whole machine performance is relatively low. ) can quickly dissipate the heat from the fuselage without improving and optimizing into a more complex active cooling mode on the basis of low power consumption. In addition, ONERugged develops different product forms into unique heat dissipation solutions, such as vehicle-mounted flat panels and industrial flat panels. More stable operation experience.


In these two modes, ONERugged tablets for high temperature can not only provide industry users with ideal ultra-high performance with flagship configurations, but also support them with powerful heat dissipation technology to ensure that industry users are immersed in cool productivity for a long time. ONERugged can finally maintain the internal temperature of the full-stack product and the human body contact temperature in a relatively stable range. The maximum working ambient temperature reaches 60°C, and it is not afraid to face the weather of nearly 40°C!

Since it is a one-stop computer hardening, in addition to performance and heat dissipation, the more important thing is the stable performance. In summer in coastal areas, not only the air humidity is high, but there is also a lot of rain, which will also bring greater challenges to ruggedized computers that may work outdoors for a long time. For the waterproof part, ONERugged full-stack products have been sealed to a certain extent in terms of appearance and structural process design, reaching the IP65 protection level, and can ensure that every product reaching the user reaches the IP65 protection level, which further highlights the overall The positioning of one-stop hardened computer.

ONERugged adopts different sealing methods according to the cooperation between different parts of the product, such as the sealing ring between the front shell and the rear shell; the waterproof rubber plug or waterproof ring sealing between the interface and the shell ; Between the opening of the speaker and the shell, a waterproof film is used to seal; between the button and the shell, it is sealed by integral molding; between the heat dissipation waterproof area and the non-waterproof area, a special waterproof film is used. Remove the waterproof structural seal. On the basis of the above sealing methods, ONERugged also uses waterproof glue, waterproof oil, waterproof bone, waterproof foam, waterproof material, waterproof coating, drainage holes and other targeted solutions on the surface or joints of different parts of the product. The solution achieves a double sealing method, which effectively improves and enhances the protection performance of the whole machine, and ensures that the product can operate stably for a long time even in high humidity and rainy weather.

It is worth mentioning that ONERugged has applied for a number of important patents for IP65 technology, such as a detachable waterproof structure used between the heat dissipation waterproof area and the non-waterproof area, aiming to provide a detachable through structure for passing through Wires or overheating pipes dissipate heat, and isolate the connection between the waterproof area and the non-waterproof area, which can enhance the convenience of the structure and simplify the complexity of the process.

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With such technical support, ONERugged full serious products all support IP65 protection level, where the first number 6 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering, and the second number 5 means that it can withstand low-pressure jets of water from any angle without any impact. It is more stable and efficient in key scenarios such as inspections, energy, fire protection, and outdoors, and there is no pressure in the rainy weather of the dog days!

Overall, ONERugged's tablets for high temperature products are all models with comprehensive performance and a sense of security. Not only have obvious advantages in performance/heat dissipation, but the heat dissipation efficiency has been greatly improved, and the performance in waterproof is also particularly good. It is specially designed to adapt to various environments. And build. With ONERugged heat dissipation technology and IP65 technology, ONERugged full-stack products can easily handle on-site work and survive the hot summer, bringing a new one-stop hardened computer experience, and achieving a cooler posture. Efficient productivity.