Grasp production and quality! ONERugged industrial tablet PC manufacturers stand out from the four big cards

News Press center Grasp production and quality! ONERugged industrial tablet PC manufacturers stand out from the four big advantages

Grasp production and quality! ONERugged industrial tablet PC manufacturers stand out from the four big advantages

With the continuous development of science and technology, the competition in the ruggedized mobile terminal market is becoming more and more obvious, and the quality and performance of products are crucial to the development of enterprises. In the highly competitive market environment, ONERugged stands out with its independent and controllable production process and superior quality management. Compared with other manufacturers, it has significant advantages in all aspects of the production line.

Independent production, controllable quality delivery

Compared with other manufacturers, ONERugged has independent production capacity, which allows them to better control product quality and delivery time. Independent production means that enterprises have independent production lines and manufacturing workshops, and can flexibly adjust production plans and production processes according to market demand and customer requirements. Such advantages enable ONERugged to respond to market changes more quickly and provide more competitive products and services.


Laboratory and manufacturing workshop scale advantages

ONERugged has distinct advantages in laboratories and manufacturing workshops. They have a laboratory of 1000 square meters, equipped with more than 100 sets of experimental instruments and equipment, including advanced facilities such as 3D darkroom. Such a configuration enables ONE Rugged to conduct more comprehensive and detailed analysis in the process of product development and testing, so as to ensure that the quality and performance of the product reach the optimal level.

At the same time, ONERugged's manufacturing workshop also has a scale of 5,000 square meters, which is larger than other manufacturers' own workshops and can accommodate more production equipment and workers. This enables ONERugged to achieve a more efficient production process, guarantee the delivery time and delivery stability of the product.


Professional team and technical support

ONERugged also excels in terms of personnel quality, with a staff team of 160, including a team of dedicated RF engineers. These employees are professionals who have received professional training and rich experience, and have played a vital role in product development and production. The existence of a team of full-time RF engineers ensures the high quality and high performance of the products.


Standardized information inspection management, stable production capacity

ONERugged adopts a standardized information inspection management system in production management. Through information management, comprehensive monitoring and data analysis of the production process can be realized, problems can be found and solved in time, and the stability and controllability of the production process can be ensured. This management method enables ONERugged to maintain a high production capacity stably, with an annual production capacity of more than 400K, which can meet the large demand of customers.



Disadvantages of other manufacturers

In contrast, other manufacturers have greater disadvantages in terms of production and quality capabilities. Most of their production processes are outsourced, resulting in unstable delivery times and unable to effectively control product quality. The self-owned workshop has a small scale and limited production equipment, which cannot meet the needs of mass production, resulting in insufficient production capacity. At the same time, the experimental equipment of other manufacturers is less and confusingly configured, lacking advanced testing facilities, and unable to conduct comprehensive and accurate product testing and analysis. Lack of standardized information inspection management, the production process cannot be effectively monitored and managed, which further affects the quality and stable delivery of products.



ONERugged stands out in the market by virtue of its independent and controllable production and quality capabilities. With independent production, advanced laboratories and manufacturing workshops, professional teams and standardized information inspection management, ONERugged can have significant advantages in product quality, performance and delivery stability. Compared with other manufacturers, ONERugged has shown higher production efficiency and more stable production capacity, providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services, and continuously consolidating its leading position in the ruggedized mobile terminal market.