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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Visual Production of Household Appliances

ONERugged P15R panel PC assists a well-known manufacturer of household appliances to achieve standardized production

At present, the increasingly fierce competition in the manufacturing industry forces manufacturers to improve productivity, efficiency, and product quality, and at the same time control costs to maintain an inexhaustible competitive advantage. The client, as a well-known domestic coffee machinery manufacturer, is also hard to avoid. However, no matter whether the oral communication or the paper instructions have brought different degrees of management costs and resource waste, and other series of difficulties to client. To this end, the client is determined to simplify and manage manufacturing operations with intelligent hardware equipment combined with factory intelligent production MES systems to improve factory production efficiency.


Common computer equipment is able to conduct operations, but it lacks the robustness to support an industrial manufacturing environment. When factory personnel often work in harsh environments, the instability of common equipment will not only lead to frequent interruptions in the production schedule, but also require continuous maintenance investment of enterprises. Only after professional design of durable industrial tablets can meet the requirements of long-term operation under extreme industrial conditions, to help client improve the quality and efficiency of the production line.


The P15R panel PCs were suggested due to their durable design and powerful processors.After weeks of rigorous field testing, the client finally chose the P15R panel pc as the management device to handle the daily tasks of the production line.


Over 60 P15R panel PCs were placed on the production line along with external card readers to record the production while collecting labor time for all workers. With the seamless integration of the P15R panel pc and the MES software system, the original paper-based manufacturing process and information silos have been broken. When workers use the ID card to log in, the standardized production instructions will be automatically delivered to the accurate workstation display terminal P15R through the MES system. 

At the same time, the on-the-job status and time of workers will be recorded and counted to the system from the moment they log in. Which help shortens the time spent on daily manual attendance records and subsequent wage settlement and avoids settlement disputes caused by human errors.

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The P15R panel PC brings paperless and systematic manufacturing.

Easily access to data

The P15R panel PC offers the possibility to operate the devices flexibly. Its easy-to-view and multi-touch display show workers relevant digital procedures and instructions, allowing them to access intuitive information quickly. The control, zoom, click, scroll, and other operations of the picture can be carried out by simple touch, which shortens the time for workers to get used to it.

Reducing operating costs

Faced with the harsh working conditions, the P15R panel PC has passed extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration testing, and IP65 certified durability body minimizes the risk of downtime. Thanks to Rockchip RK3568's high-performance processors, it runs smoothly and efficiently enough to perform high-intensity tasks on assembly lines that operate 24/7.

Eliminate inefficiency

The P15R panel PC has multiple I/O interfaces and ports for easy integration with assembly lines and factory management systems. It can transmit data on time with higher transmission speeds to ensure that employees can act on accurate instructions. The synchronized database information from the P15R panel PC eliminates the information blockage caused by paper-based documents. Also, it enhances the visibility of factory production status, labor utilization, and quality performance statistics.