ONERugged High-Performance Rugged Tablet M10A: Fortified with Four Cutting-Edge Technologies, Elevating Your Experience!

News Blog channel ONERugged High-Performance Rugged Tablet M10A: Fortified with Four Cutting-Edge Technologies, Elevating Your Experience!

ONERugged High-Performance Rugged Tablet M10A: Fortified with Four Cutting-Edge Technologies, Elevating Your Experience!

Do you all still remember our flagship model M10A from 2023? It embodies flagship performance, display, connectivity, design, and quality all in one. It's powered by an Intel® Core™ i5-1235U processor, upgradable to the highest option, the i7-1255U processor, with 16GB DDR4L memory paired with 128GB solid-state SSD. Featuring a 10.1-inch Full HD high-brightness IPS screen, it adopts the new Wi-Fi 6 protocol, and boasts an IP65 dust and water resistance rating along with a 1.22-meter drop-resistant design, truly embodying ONERugged's brand positioning.


Today, we're going to introduce the four core technologies of the M10A design. Let's take a look at how this flagship model stands out and what kind of changes it can bring to our enterprise customers.


High-Performance Rugged Tablet


The M10A features a modular design, detachable buckle structure, battery removal mechanism, waterproof, and heat dissipation structure, providing a user-centric design and experience.


Modular Design: Four-in-One Module Slot

The M10A adopts a four-in-one module design, offering a choice between RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, RS232 full-function serial port, USB 2.0 port, and QR code scanner. Enterprise users can flexibly configure according to their needs.


Specifically, the four-in-one module incorporates a simplified modular structure. The four modules utilize standardized structural components and fixtures. The structural component resembles a framework-style plastic shell. After assembling the RJ45 board, DB9 board, USB 2.0 board, and QR code module onto the respective module slots, they are then securely attached to the main module slot using screws and snap fasteners. Communication between each module and the motherboard is achieved using ribbon cables.


High-Performance Rugged Tablet


Detachable Snap-on Structure: Sealed Waterproof Interface

The M10A adopts a sealed waterproof interface design, achieving a robust IP65 protection rating at the interface while employing a detachable snap-on structure to simplify the design and maintain interface stability.


On one side of the M10A's rear shell, there is a through-hole and a snap-on mechanism. The through-hole and snap-on mechanism align perfectly, forming a snap-on structure with protrusions on the through-hole and corresponding slots on the snap-on mechanism. Simply sliding left or right locks or unlocks it. Compared to the common waterproof interface plug design, this snap-on structure offers superior stability and durability. Additionally, the detachable snap-on mechanism is secured to the rear shell with screws, allowing for easy installation or removal. This design ensures hassle-free replacement even after prolonged use, providing enhanced flexibility and durability.

High-Performance Rugged Tablet


Battery Disassembly Structure: Detachable Battery


The M10A features a detachable battery design, with a 7.4V/5000mAh removable large battery paired with a built-in 7.4V/860mAh internal battery, ensuring continuous operation without power loss. This design incorporates a special battery disassembly structure.


Specifically, the battery disassembly structure used in the M10A includes a battery fastening switch and a linkage component. The battery fastening switch secures the large battery in place, while the linkage component interacts with a toggle switch on the battery power board to switch the power supply state. Additionally, the linkage component includes a limiting part that restricts the movement of the battery fastening switch.


Under normal conditions, the toggle switch is set to battery power mode, and the linkage component restricts the movement of the battery fastening switch, preventing battery removal. When battery removal is required, the linkage component is toggled, switching the toggle switch to disconnect the battery power supply (while the mainboard switches to internal battery power supply) and releasing the restriction on the battery fastening switch, allowing for battery removal. This structure ensures secure battery fixation while facilitating seamless switching between the large and internal batteries and ensuring uninterrupted product power supply.

High-Performance Rugged Tablet


Waterproof and Heat Dissipation Structure: Active Cooling Fan


The M10A employs active cooling fan heat dissipation, ensuring efficient computational performance while also boasting excellent sealed waterproof characteristics, primarily achieved through a waterproof heat dissipation structure.


Specifically, within the waterproof heat dissipation structure, heat dissipation is achieved through a combination of "heat sink + fan." The heat sink fully covers critical components such as the CPU, utilizing the principle of heat exchange with the fan for dissipation. Waterproofing is achieved through a bonding process between the waterproof and non-waterproof areas, with the heat sink serving as a barrier between these regions. Waterproof sealing is then accomplished using waterproof adhesive to prevent water ingress between the waterproof and non-waterproof areas.

High-Performance Rugged Tablet


Design Serves Customers

While innovation and technicality are undoubtedly crucial for the four core design technologies of the M10A mentioned above, what matters to us most is the positive feedback we receive from our customers.


For Automotive Diagnostic System

Our customers in automotive diagnostics rely on professional diagnostic equipment such as VCI for thorough vehicle diagnostics, handling large workloads with demanding interface requirements for terminal devices. The M10A not only seamlessly integrates with our diagnostic systems but its modular interface selection perfectly matches our diagnostic instruments.


For Industrial Equipment Control

The M10A not only serves as a control unit in our factories but also as a data acquisition tool. Its high computational performance and heat dissipation capabilities greatly enhance our operations, ensuring stable operation even in dusty environments, reflecting the design excellence of this model.


For Mapping Software

As outdoor mapping professionals, we face challenges such as field conditions, inconvenient charging, and portability. The M10A's robust outdoor features perfectly meet our requirements for smart terminals, making it an ideal companion for our outdoor ventures.

High-Performance Rugged Tablet


In short, the M10A is the epitome of ONERugged's flagship models, and its exceptional performance and user experience speak for themselves! Of course, there's more to it than just these highlights, and it extends beyond the mentioned application areas. Interested in delving deeper into the details of the M10A? Feel free to inquire!