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News Blog channel The Advantages of ONERugged Rugged vehicle-mounted tablet - V80T in the application of mining vehicles

The Advantages of ONERugged Rugged vehicle-mounted tablet - V80T in the application of mining vehicles

With the continuous advancement of technology, the mining industry has also begun to widely adopt advanced technology to improve efficiency and safety. ONE Rugged Vehicle Tablet PC—V80T, as a high-performance device specially designed for mining vehicles, plays an important role in this industry. This article will describe the key features of the V80T and its advantages in mining truck applications.

The V80T uses an 8-core ARM architecture processor and the Android 12 operating system to provide users with powerful computing capabilities and a stable operating experience. It has a maximum storage capacity of 4GB+64GB, which can store a large amount of data and applications to meet the needs of complex tasks of mining vehicles.

Vehicle Tablet PC

The vehicle-mounted tablet computer has an 8-inch high-definition high-brightness display and supports multi-touch, making the operation interface more intuitive and easy to operate. In addition, V80T is also equipped with multiple custom buttons, which can be personalized according to user needs to improve operating efficiency.

In terms of communication, V80T supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G network connections, has GPS, GLONASS and Beidou navigation systems, and is equipped with a car mushroom antenna to provide more stable and accurate navigation functions.

In order to meet different charging needs, V80T provides an aviation plug charging interface, which can be transferred to a cigarette lighter interface or a Φ4.0 power port, and can be used with a wide voltage module. In addition, it also supports a battery-free solution, and can also be equipped with a 3.7V/2000mAh capacity battery to ensure continuous power supply of the device.

V80T provides multiple aviation plug interface options, and supports USB, DB9, LAN, CAN and other interface expansions to meet different external device connection requirements. In addition, it also provides two installation methods of VESA and RAM, which are convenient for users to install according to the actual situation. In terms of environmental adaptability, the V80T has an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, and can operate normally in harsh working environments. It also has the characteristics of anti-vibration and high and low temperature resistance, ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment during the driving of mining vehicles.

Vehicle Tablet PC

ONERugged vehicle-mounted tablet computer—V80T has powerful performance and excellent adaptability in mining vehicle applications. Its high-performance processor, stable operating system and rich communication functions make it an ideal choice for improving work efficiency and safety in the mining industry. Whether in terms of data processing, navigation or equipment expansion, V80T can meet the needs of mining vehicles and bring greater development potential to the industry.