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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Spanish Cross-Country Race

The ONERugged M80T rugged mobile PC ensures safety for the passionate cross-country race
Challenge Solution Advantage

The 2021 Moroccan Off-Road Rally World Championship is held in the Zagora region. The competition is divided into two categories: the motorcycle group and the all-terrain vehicle group. The entire stage is about 2,600 kilometers, and the racers must go through five stages of intense pursuit in the Sahara desert. The endless desert and the scorching high temperature of the scorching sun are doomed to the hardships of the game.

An accurate and concise road book can save drivers valuable race time and reduce many accident risks. In the past, the official road book used in the competition was a paper document, which required drivers and co-drivers to manually modify according to their reading habits for use in the race. An incomplete road book due to missing paper is enough to ruin a driver's race. Moreover, in the single-person motorcycle competition, the roller-type road book is generally used, and the paper road book has the possibility of jamming. The delayed time difference often makes the racer miss the championship.


Taking into account the inconvenience and problems caused by paper road books, the organizing committee encourages participating teams to use digital road books to improve drivers' concentration and safety in the race. Unfortunately, the harsh desert environment is too unbearable for the ordinary electronic device to withstand. Only equipment with a reinforced protective design can accompany drivers to face the arena.


The size of the ONERugged M80T rugged mobile PC is just right so that customers can easily install it on motorcycles and off-road vehicles without any burden. With its clear and bright screen, the racer is equivalent to getting an easy-to-read electronic map. Every note in the paragraph, including signs of danger points and forks in the road, is well displayed. Moreover,  after many tests of shock resistance, shock resistance, and temperature difference, the stable output of the M80T gave the Spanish off-road team confidence.

Ten minutes before the start of the cross-country race, the digital roadbook is uniformly distributed to the tablet devices of the participating teams through software. The M80T's easy-to-use features and responsive touch response accelerate the speed at which racers can familiarize themselves with track conditions. And it is unaffected by the racing car's violent shocks, providing accurate, clear, and timely navigation for the entire race. For motorcyclists who need to work as both a driver and a navigator, the latest route consultation is the key to ensuring that they drive safely and fast. The timely course response brought by the M80T largely avoids the dilemma of the racer getting lost due to losing the navigation point on the stage.


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The M80T rugged mobile PC offered the Spanish off-road team sufficient durability and enhanced data readability, which is essential for racers to make quick decisions and control race progress. Relying on the M80T, they smoothly Completed the challenging 2021 Moroccan Off-Road Rally.

Easy-to-read display

The M80T's high-definition, high-contrast 8-inch large screen provides vital maps and information to the driver on the move, even in the bright desert sun. With at-a-glance graphics and icons, racers can timely know what's going on at each stage.

Stable performance

In the face of a desert environment with severe temperature fluctuations, the outstanding durability of the M80T can work stably without being affected. And always provide full route navigation for the whole game.

Rugged for the racing

In challenging off-road arenas, bumps are common. The M80T's reinforced body made to MIL-STD-810H military standards can withstand many blows while riding and assist the rider in running the entire distance.