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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Rescue the Reentry Capsules of Spacecraft

The ONERugged M20J rugged mobile PC assists in the search and rescue of reentry capsules
Challenge Solution Advantage

The search area of the spacecraft landing area reaches tens of thousands of square kilometers, including seven typical landforms including Gobi, desert, mountain, saline-alkali land, Haloxylon ammonium forest, wetland and water area. During the preparation period, the rescue team needs to conduct a lot of rescue training for different terrains. As a vehicle-mounted device that provides accurate positioning and navigation for rescue vehicles, it needs to have a higher shock resistance than ordinary equipment, so that it is not easy to crash when faced with a large number of vibrations caused by fast driving. In addition, it also needs to be able to afford water, dust and high and low temperature, in order to adapt to the complex outdoor weather that cannot be controlled manually, such as strong wind, rain, snow and sandstorms, as well as the huge temperature difference between day and night in the Gobi region. 


Different from ordinary use scenarios, the search and rescue work of the manned spacecraft's return cabin has more stringent time requirements. The rescue vehicle needs to rush to the scene after receiving the departure order from the command center.Any delays on the way could put the lives of astronauts at risk.

In order to ensure that the astronaut rescue mission is completed in the shortest time, in addition to overcoming the rough road, it is also necessary to avoid the vehicle being disoriented during the rescue process. In the face of these problems, a high-definition map display device that is stable enough and will not be easily affected has become the key to ensuring that search and rescue personnel can follow accurate routes.


A device that is prone to failure during rough collisions and heavy use in rescue missions is useless, even it uses the advanced mobile platform. In order to solve the actual use needs, purchaser has set his sights on the rugged computer market. After rigorous testing of several reinforced devices, ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc was finally selected.

ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc achieves a good balance among system stability, life cycle, safety and reliability. During the test, even in the face of a large number of wind and dust attacks, it will not affect the normal operation at all, and it still maintains a stable image output when dealing with the vibration caused by the violent bumps in the body. Its convincing reliability allows the rescuers to abandon their worries and focus on their work.


During the search and rescue exercise in the return cabin, the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc is used as a display device to provide real-time terrain navigation for ground rescue vehicles, and is fixed in the search and rescue vehicle with the vehicle bracket. With the excellent Beidou positioning system and the high degree of adaptation with the industry-specific map software, the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc maintains a consistent and stable operation during the standby process to help the ground rescue team synchronously obtain the predicted landing position of the spacecraft's return cabin.

When the return capsule is detected by the radar of the ground operating system, the clear search area will be displayed in front of the driver through the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc high-resolution screen, and the rescue vehicle will be guided to quickly maneuver to the predetermined landing area. Even in the face of the violent bumps caused by the rescue vehicles speeding in the bumpy Gobi blind road many times, and the huge temperature difference between day and night in desert areas, ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc always provides reliable direction guidance for vehicles to ensure the smooth completion of rescue mission.

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In the rescue exercise mission of the return capsule, the Windows 11 operating system carried by the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc has achieved perfect compatibility with the special map software required for the mission, and brought uninterrupted and stable operation during the execution process.

Clear task instruction acquisition

The M20J has a large 12.2-inch display that is ideal for navigation and route display. It provides a clear information display at all times with a wide reading field and high visibility that is not affected by strong light, helping rescuers easily obtain mission instructions and information during the mission.

Provide lasting efficiency for task requirements

With the built-in high-precision Beidou satellite navigation system, the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc can bring precise positioning and route guidance to prevent drivers from getting lost in unmanned deserts. In the long-term full-process comprehensive exercise, the 7 .4v/6300mAH large-capacity battery configured in the ONERugged M20J rugged mobile pc has withstood the high-intensity standby demand, allowing rescuers to concentrate on the most critical rescue tasks at hand without worrying about the power of device.