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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Inspection and Maintenance of Ships

ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC optimizes the inspection and repair operations of ships
Challenge Solution Advantage

The normal operation of a ship depends on the availability of machinery on board, and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the ship is always in good condition. Traditional ship maintenance of the rotating equipment is based on regular openings onboard or in a shipyard, which requires dismantling, transportation, and professional inspection. Thus, ships need to go out of business until the maintenance is completed. The workload is large and time-consuming, which increases the pressure on the shipping company. However, predictive maintenance programs can transform maintenance from reactive to proactive, preventing potential failures with early problem detection, increasing equipment lifespan and shortening maintenance windows.

Inspection and Maintenance of Ships

HAT Analytics, a leading provider of predictive maintenance services, delivers innovative digital condition monitoring solutions that require the assistance of rugged mobile computing devices. Because operating offshore, where extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and salty air are common, overly fragile equipment can add to the high cost of hardware replacement. What mobile computer is their best choice? To find this answer, HAT Analytics conducted an extensive search for data acquisition tablets that meet communication standards and field durability standards.


ONERugged's M10A rugged mobile PC is an ideal choice for HAT Analytics 2nd generation of digital health monitoring system Ad|Vi|Se. As part of the overall solution, its robustness and powerful computing power allow the digital health monitoring system to stably perform real-time monitoring and diagnosis of the ship's mechanical status.

The ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC, which operates in cooperation with the HAT Analytics digital health monitoring system Ad|Vi|Se, converts the collected vibration data into easy-to-understand health report which is presented to the crew via a highly interactive user interface. With the intuitive data display, crews can get measurement results and locate the root cause of the fault faster, and the maintenance can be carried out more quickly.

Inspection and Maintenance of Ships

Meanwhile, the inspection report will also be automatically generated and transmitted to the cloud server for validation and machine learning modelling through the low-latency network of the ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC. This increase the reliability of the health monitoring system and through the AdViSe CM Dashboard the ship's superintendent and fleet manager can securely access the information and several condition monitoring metrics of the fleet from anywhere. In the face of difficult mechanical problems, the staff can take pictures of abnormal equipment through the ONERugged M10A high-definition rear camera, and feed them back to the cloud to seek help from remote analysis and diagnosis by HAT team of experienced engineers.

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The ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC meets all HAT Analytics expectations for the Ad|Vi|Se device performance and durability, giving technicians the stable platform they need to inspect, debug and troubleshoot in a variety of situations, allowing them to further their work maintenance tasks.

Resistant to salt spray

The marine environment involving salt exposure is a huge challenge for computing equipment. The ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC provides unique anti-corrosion technology, its sealed port design can prevent salt spray damage to the system during the long-term strict salt spray test process, reducing additional costs caused by computer failures and work interruptions.

Resistant to extreme temperature

The ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC is capable of working in a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, which is also critical for offshore technicians. Because they often need to work in extreme heat at sea, direct sunlight, and other harsh weather conditions, the ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC as an auxiliary tool needs to face the harsh working conditions with them to provide reliable on-site service.

Efficient data connection

The advantages that the ONERugged M10A rugged mobile PC offered to the HAT Analytics 2nd generation systems is not only in its durability but also in its stable network connection. The high-quality network transmission of the M10A speeds up the time it takes for field technicians to access diagnostic data and make remote diagnostic decisions, allowing them to work with a higher level of field efficiency.