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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Automotive Diagnostic Operation

ONERugged M20A rugged mobile PC makes vehicle diagnosis more efficiently
Challenge Solution Advantage

With the rapid development of China's transportation industry, the automobile manufacturing industry is also prospering. For automobile manufacturers, the continuous expansion of production needs to rely on excellent quality and short production processes. Efficient and stable automobile diagnostic system is the basis for ensuring that the comprehensive performance of the automobile meets the standard and safe on the road. It is also the key to ensuring the production schedule and cost of the enterprise.

Before using ONERugged products, the client has been using consumer mobile smart tablets as tools for recording inspection data. However, due to their poor waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof performance, mechanical failures often occur after encountering water and collisions, resulting in data loss. 

Automotive Diagnostic Operation

In addition, testing work also has high requirements for the standby time of the device. The consumer tablet used by the client does not support the replacement of the battery. When the battery is low, it needs to be connected to the charger to supplement the battery. Frequent charging operations lengthen the overall detection time. On the other hand, finding a charging device in the outdoors has also become a tricky task. The complexity of the detection environment makes the equipment face the risk of being scratched and damaged at any time, and ordinary tablet computers that are not strong enough to adapt to it. The resulting high loss rate is also one of the factors that affect the continuous increase of business costs.

The above conditions have caused different degrees of inconvenience and trouble to clients. In order to change the predicament, clients need to find a reinforced tablet with excellent performance as an alternative tool, and the reinforced tablet of ONERugged is a good choice.


After an in-depth comparison of the rugged mobile PCs on the market, the client finally chose the M20A rugged mobile PC as an alternative to consumer mobile smart PCs. M20A is a ruggedized mobile PC with excellent operating performance, battery life, data transmission and portability. Its solid shell can fully adapt to the harsh working environment of the workshop,and its stable wireless function allows the equipment to transmit data in any corner. It has a long-lasting battery that allows inspectors to work uninterrupted for a long time and expandability to meet complex tasks.

Automotive Diagnostic Operation

In daily work, engineers can use Bluetooth or CAN data cable to connect the M20A PC to the diagnostic instrument. After the connection is successful, the tablet and the client's self-developed car diagnostic software can form a monitoring and maintenance system.Engineers can perform routine vehicle diagnosis, online query, remote diagnosis and other operations through the car diagnosis software installed on the tablet. And can also use its online upgrade function to update the vehicle's automatic transmission electronic control system (TCU). 

User information and diagnosis results can be directly recorded online through the tablet, which not only improves the client information database, but also provides a reference for the next vehicle problem detection. The entire recording process can be completed only by the engineer through the touch input on the screen, which has a better guarantee for the accuracy of the data. After the diagnosis result is generated, it will be transmitted through the 4G wireless network of the tablet computer. In addition, its high-speed and stable network also provides great convenience for remote operation and command work.

M20A comes with a 12.2-inch big display to stretch the limits of what you can see. The built-in Intel i7 processor makes everything that much faster, so you spend less time waiting and more time doing. And the extremely user-friendly Windows 11 operating system makes it easy to execute a variety of tasks and instructions. It supports multiple communication modes such as 5G/Wi-Fi/BT, which can provide high-quality network communication without geographical restrictions.

In addition, M20A has passed independent tests and meets MIL-STD 810G and IP65 standards. It can work at a temperature between -20°C and 60°C.  And its high anti-drop and anti-collision capabilities can ensure efficient and stable execution of work.

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The M20A ruggedized mobile PC, which has both excellent sturdiness and portable mobility, makes the daily work of the staff worry-free and efficient. Staffs no longer need to worry about the safety of the equipment during the operation, no need to spend a lot of time waiting for the response of the program, no need to carry paper and pen, and no need to cautious about not finding the charging cable.

Reliable strength performance

M20A is reliable and robust. It can still operate normally even in collisions and large bumps. Its sealed port design is waterproof and dust-proof, and can resist dust and oil pollution generated during car inspection. And passed the 1.22m anti-fall test, which can easily deal with accidental fall during mobile work.

Stable performance

In terms of performance, the M20A has a built-in Intel i7 processor that can handle multiple tasks at the same time, speeding up the inspection efficiency of the car factory staff and saving a lot of precious time.The fast cellular network and wireless network ensure the timeliness of information exchange. Even if the network signal is not good, low-power Bluetooth can achieve accurate data transmission.

Excellent endurance

M20A is equipped with an impressive battery power of 7.4v/6300mAh that can go up to 5 hours standby. The detachable battery solves the problem of inconvenient charging outdoors. The M20A rugged mobile PC solves the problems faced by the car factory staff in the car diagnosis work. Help effectively reduce the maintenance frequency and the time cost caused by the waiting period for maintenance, so that the overall benefit can be maximized.