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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

ONERugged M80J rugged mobile PC for efficient cold store forklift operations

The client is an integrated logistics company, specializing in solving end-to-end supply chain needs such as warehousing logistics and cold storage for customers. Before using ONERugged mobile devices, the ruggedized tablet PCs it used often caused high after-sales maintenance costs, and could not be adapted to professional scanning modules to meet differentiated usage scenarios and new application needs.
Challenge Solution Advantage

The client is a comprehensive logistics enterprise with well-rounded logistics and warehousing services. By adopting some rugged tablet pcs applicable to logistics enterprises to improve the level of enterprise refinement, informatization, and intelligent management, it has been maintaining the market competitiveness of leading the local.

With the popularity of intelligent and information technology in the industry, the client hopes to consolidate its position in the industry by optimizing its existing infrastructure, which includes rugged tablet pcs.

rugged tablet PC

Now, the suppliers of the reinforced tablets used by the client are foreign companies, resulting in long and costly delivery cycles for failure maintenance. Therefore, the client wants to purchase a batch of tablets with high quality and good after-sales service for the replacement to reduce costs. For the requirements of the tablet, they hope that not only can scan goods barcodes in hand, but also can be used on the forklift.


ONERugged has various series of rugged mobile tablets. After learning of the client' needs, it recommended the M80J, an 8-inch Windows rugged mobile PC that can be easily used in warehouse, in-vehicle, and mobile work.

M80J - Best Solution for Your Forklift

When the M80J rugged tablet PC is fixed on the forklift, its Windows 10 operating system can collaborate with the client's warehouse management system to obtain real-time task orders for the warehouse staff, so that they can work on and report the target cargo according to the information specified in the task orders, such as cargo name, code, form, transportation quantity, current location and target handling location.

rugged tablet PC

In the actual handling tasks, the M80J tablet PC will be fixed above the forklift console using the vehicle mount and connected to the forklift power supply via the vehicle power adapter. The M80J tablet PC will be connected to the barcode scanner through the USB port to let the staff view the information of the target cargo by reading the barcode. When the task is finished, the warehouse staff can transmit the data to the warehouse management system via the M80J's Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile ,there is a stylus attachment that allows staff easily operate the M80J device even with a glove.

The M80J alone as a warehouse mobile handheld device only needs to add a barcode scanning module on its body to achieve rapid data capture, work records, information confirmation, and other operations. And it can also work with accessories such as a charging dock, backup battery, hand straps, and other accessories to enhance the mobility and efficiency of warehouse operations. 

The features of M80J

The M80J is a multi-functional and cost-effective rugged tablet PC equipped with Intel's Jasper Lake N5100 Processor, with performance comparable to Intel's Core® i3 processor. Run on Windows 10 OS for smooth and stable operation of client's warehouse management system software. For ensuring that warehouse workers get task instructions and respond the first time, the M80J is equipped with an 8-inch 5-point touchable full HD screen and high-speed Wi-Fi, 4G, and Bluetooth communication connectivity to provide excellent readability and operability whether the environment is inside or outside the warehouse. Besides these, it also has dual cameras, GPS/Glonass navigation, a barcode scanner, dual batteries, and a series of other features that make warehouse work are carried out smoothly and worry-free.

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The client achieves efficient warehouse operations with the help of M80J rugged mobile PC.

Full-flow technical support

The whole process of technical support and services from pre-sales to after-sales are provided by ONERugged, ensuring that the equipment can be quickly matched with the client's application scenarios and solve problems, ultimately saving 30% of labor input costs for customers.

Perfectly adapted to warehouse management systems

M80J rugged tablet adopts an Intel Celeron N5100 processor and Windows 10 OS, which can perfectly match the customer's warehouse management system and be quickly applied to all sessions of the warehouse, helping to realize information layout and digital operation of the whole warehouse.

Rich accessories matching

Rich accessories provide diverse possibilities for the use of the M80J tablet, like the vehicle mount for fixing the tablet on forklifts, vehicle adapter, stylus, and other accessories for fully meeting the warehouse staff's needs.