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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Pig Farm Supervision

P15J Panel PC Safeguards Meat Products’ Safety Supervision and Traceability
Challenge Solution Advantage

As people say, “Bread is the staff of life”. The food problem has always been a concern of people's livelihood. Meat products are almost a daily necessity on the public table, so consumers are not only concerned about the taste of food, but also about quality and safety. Tracing from the source of food and establishing a reliable food traceability system can facilitate the management and control the food supervision process more efficiently, and let the public not only taste delicious, but also taste at ease.

The client is a pig farm. In the past, paper media were used to record the number, weight, feeding, health status, feeding information, and epidemic prevention information of each pig in the process of breeding and supervision, and then manually input the data into the computer system twice. However, paper records are easy to be damaged by moisture, and dealing with such a demanding workload and information in this traditional way leads to human resource consumption, inefficiency, data errors, and other problems, which makes it inconvenient for breeders to record and query the situation of each link at any time, unable to trace the pork that has been sold, and the authenticity and accuracy of product information cannot be guaranteed.

To solve this problem and inconvenience, the client needs to introduce intelligent devices to replace paper media to complete data recording, storage, query, and traceability. However, the pig farm needs to be cleaned and disinfected every day, the environment is humid, but consumer tablets do not have excellent performance in waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof, or high-temperature resistance, which is not easy to clean and disinfect, and they are very easy to malfunction after encountering water, resulting in data loss and equipment loss. Moreover, when placed in the pig farm for all-day use, it is easy to lead to equipment heating and downtime. Therefore, industrial panel PCs with strong environmental adaptability and all-weather performance can meet the needs of the client.

Pig Farm Supervision


The client seeks to carry out the digital reform and management of the pig farm, after comparative testing of the industrial equipment of many manufacturers, finally, the ONERugged P15J Panel PC has won the favor of the client with excellent reliability and high-cost performance, and has become an efficient solution for the control and traceability of pork products.

The P15J uses a 15.6-inch capacitive touch panel, which is waterproof and impact-resistant, and is sufficient to cope with the changeable working environment such as humidity and temperature difference inside the pig farm. With a standard PPC hook assembly, the P15J supports multiple mounting methods such as embedded and wall-mounted, making it easy to securely install in the pig farm. It is equipped with rich interfaces, such as double RS232 serial ports and double RJ45 network ports, to realize more peripheral expansion, forming an integrated solution from feeding, and supervision, to the processing.

When each pig is born, they are fitted with RFID tags behind their ears as their unique identification number. The breeder can use the Bluetooth scanning handle to scan the electronic tag behind the pig's ear to continuously set, collect, add, change, and store the relevant information in the growth process of the pig, such as number, weight, feeding, and epidemic prevention records, disease conditions, and other key information, so that there are traces to follow and evidence to rely on. Through the P15J built-in stable dual-band Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 5.0/3G/4G multi-network, data can be transmitted to the database system in real-time for storage, so the breeder can check the pig information at any time on the P15J. Before the pig is slaughtered and makes it to market, the breeder can check the growth information of each pig to confirm that there is no disease. If there is a problem, the problem batch can be accurately recalled to ensure quality safety, so that consumers are more assured about product quality.

Pig Farm Supervision

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The front panel of the P15J is protected by IP65 industrial grade. With its excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, it is qualified to cope with the working environment of frequent cleaning and disinfection on the farm. It is designed to be high-temperature resistant, which ensures a 24/7 operation without downtime. Moreover, its high-capacity memory design can safely store the data of each link of the livestock process, solve the problem that the previous paper records are easy to be stained by moisture and not easy to save, and provide complete and accurate historical information for traceability.

Safety supervision of meat products

After the introduction of the P15J Panel PC, it can systematically record and manage the information of various links such as pig feeding, slaughter, and processing, promote the openness and transparency of the entire process of pigs, and monitor the information such as pig quality and feed composition to ensure product quality. It is easy for breeders to query every information they need, so a complete and accurate traceability system for products is built to ensure the safety of market products.

Efficient paperless management of pig farms

The P15J Panel PC is powered by the high-performance Intel Celeron processor and Windows 11 operating system with rapid response speed, replacing the previous manual paper record with one-time input, to simplify workflow, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure accurate and reliable data. Designed with 8G+128G high-capacity memory, it can store the data of each link process for a long time, so the managers can access historical data at any time and do not have to worry about information storage, to achieve efficient and standardized digital management.

Reliable and stable intelligent device support

P15J uses an industrial-grade touch panel that meets IP65 standard, so it can cope with daily cleaning and disinfection splash of the pig farm, ensuring that the stored data will not be lost. With a large area heat fin, fully enclosed fanless design, wide temperature, and wide voltage fluctuations, the P15J can work all day without heating and downtime in the working environment between -20°C to 60°C, reducing the cost of equipment wear.