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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Household Appliances Poduction Control

ONERugged M80J rugged mobile PC controls processes of household appliances manufacturing
Challenge Solution Advantage

The client is a domestic manufacturer of well-known brand home appliances. Its main products cover cleaning appliances, kitchen appliances, beauty and health appliances, etc. The company is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, and its factories and shipping warehouses are located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and Qiaokou District,  Wuhan City, Hubei Province. and Baoshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China.

Before cooperating with ONERugged, the client has always used manual recording for data collection and analysis management. The accuracy and real-time of the data cannot be guaranteed and it causes serious waste of time and labor costs. The production process of home electronics is complex, there are many types of electrical appliances, and manual recording lacks flexibility. The information gap between personnel and the system leads to the inability of real-time interconnection and sharing of production and management data. 



In order to improve the production process management, grasp the production status in real time, optimize the production process, and increase the utilization of production materials, the customer chooses the M80J mobile pc from ONERugged to replace manual operations, so that the factory can carry out the production process stably and reliably.

Based on the production process of different types of electrical appliances, the manufacturer builds a Web-based electrical production control system, and is equipped with an external barcode scanner.Each station in the factory is equipped with a M80J mobile PC to integrate and coordinate the manufacturing process, and collect dynamic data to make the production process transparent, visualized and informatized. The M80J mobile pc also provides various forms of reports and statistical query functions to view the execution status and fault information of the process flow and improve production efficiency.


M80J mobile PC is a ruggedized mobile computer product integrating portability, high performance and reliability. The bare metal weight is only 818g. IP65 high protection level, in accordance with MIL-STD-810H. Easily deal with the harsh environment of all walks of life, including sand, dust, humidity, vibration,high and low temperature, etc. Its stable and safe operation capability greatly improves the production efficiency of household electronic products.

M80J mobile PC is equipped with a 8-inch high-brightness display and a high-intensity glass touch screen, 1D/2D scan engine, NFC reader, Dual-band WiFi, 4G, BT 5.0,and 7.6v/5000 mAh polymer lithiumion removable battery. Its comprehensive functions, practicality and convenience can be perfectly applied to the management of the production process of home appliances.

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With the use of the M80J mobile PC, the management of the home appliances factory has become smart. In the past, the cumbersome order issuance, work order generation, assembly input, functional testing, maintenance, output, and other tasks have become simple. A new model of production management has gradually formed.

Improve efficiency and productivity

M80J mobile PC from ONERugged quickly developed production plans and issued production tasks based on production resources, increasing production efficiency by 70%. Scanning codes, collecting and analyzing real-time data, increased production capacity by more than 5%. Realize the process flow and process standard customization of different types and standards of electrical appliances, simplifying the production process.

Improve management flexibility and reliability

M80J mobile PC can fully grasp the production order information and production task status and update it in real-time and can customize the process roadmap, so that each electrical appliance can be put into production according to the specified process, thereby avoiding cross-process operations. It can also quickly query the site location of the current electrical appliance according to the SN number, and automatically retrieve the corresponding work order information according to the electrical appliance model, order number, and SN number. The input capacity data of each link can be recorded by scanning the code.