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Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Explore the latest applications and practical benefits of ONERugged

Warehousing Management of Sporting Goods

ONERugged H60T rugged handheld improves productivity of sporting goods enterprises
Challenge Solution Advantage

With the rapid development of traditional industries and e-commerce industries, the public has higher requirements for service quality and logistics speed, while the efficient operations need to rely on efficient workflow, accurate recording, low costs and error minimization. However, the client has been adopting the traditional manual operation mode which is obviously difficult to meet these demanding requirements. And for those staff who have to travel back and forth to deal with the increasing volume of orders in huge workplaces, an effective tool is able to help them simplify the operation processes and improve the efficiency.

Warehousing Management of Sporting Goods

In order to handle a large number of daily orders, client has established a set of warehouse management system to realize information and digital process management. The warehouse staff complete the sending, receiving, proper positioning and information collection of commodities according to the task instructions assigned by the control center. In order to maximize the warehouse management capability, this system also needs to be matched with a reliable hardware facility to ensure the smooth operation of workflow. However, the common consumer terminals are weak in anti-fall and anti-seismic ability, unable to withstand the violent vibration generated during mobile operation, and the complex warehouse environment. 

On one hand, the common consumer terminals may not be stable enough for demanding all-day work, leading to the loss of statistical data, and such an unexpected situation will cause a big project of double check. On the other hand, it also has high requirements for the endurance of the equipment in the huge warehouses, and the frequent charging demand remains to be a tough issue in the inconvenient wiring warehouses.


In order to be a long-lasting terminal in warehouse, it has to meet the high requirements for the stability put forward by client, which should be dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant. After a comprehensive comparative test of the terminals provided by different manufacturers, client has adopted the high-performance ONERugged H60T rugged handheld as the terminal of warehouse management. 

The H60T is portable and lightweight, equipped with a readable multi-touch display screen, allowing efficient mobile work anywhere; In addition, the highly compatible Android 12 operating system, a variety of communication methods and detachable batteries ensure an uninterrupted workflow.


Warehouse managers use H60T to cooperate with the self-developed warehouse management system software, combined with code-scanning technology to enhance the management of overall processes and maximize the available space of the whole warehouse, so as to optimize the available labor resources and reduce waste to improve the operation efficiency. Staff receive instructions and execute them through H60T rugged handheld, inputting and uploading information with a two-dimensional scanning function and multi-touch screen, instead of traditional paper recording, thus to simplify the operation processes and reduce the data errors due to the manual secondary record.


Staff can attach the H60T to hands with the available hand-straps to complete order picking while the H60T automatically obtaining the instructions assigned by the system, in which way the staffs only need to read the picking list displayed on the screen to perform the work. In addition, the H60T has accurate GPS navigation function to provide the optimal pickup path and order for staff. During the inventory of commodities, staff use H60T to scan and check the commodity labels, and after confirmation, they record the information and location of each item and send the inventory details to the background through wireless transmission to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input.

Warehousing Management of Sporting Goods

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ONERugged rugged Handheld H60T has the advantages in portability, robustness, and performance.

Friendly user experience

ONERugged H60T rugged handheld has great advantages in both portability and usability. Its portable and lightweight body with a large display screen is perfect for shipping and receiving tasks as a portable mobile terminal. An excellent multi-touch and high-brightness display screen provides high-definition images that are not affected by outdoor or indoor light. Equipped with a user-friendly Android 12 operating system and the high-performance built-in quad-core processor, H60T delivers a smooth, seamless, and long-lasting operational experience for you.

Strong operation capability

Excellent capabilities of dual-band WiFi and 5G network connectivity allow warehouse personnel to accept the latest work instructions and return data reports at any time, and seamlessly switch to different preset connection modes, which further ensures consistent communication between the warehouse personnel and the control center without interruption. The front and rear cameras used for high-quality image capture and video conferencing functions replace the unnecessary verbal description, making it more convenient and easier to handle exceptional situation and save and transmit data. The professional GPS function of H60T not only provides a reasonable working path, dynamic scheduling, and navigation but also combines with the monitoring system to realize the whole process tracking of personnel and commodities. Moreover, the full-day detachable batteries provide exceptional battery life, which can meet the demand of long standby during busy periods.

Solid construction

In terms of firmness and durability, H60T has passed the IP65 protection certification of dustproof and waterproof and the 1.22m anti-fall test, which enables it to operate in harsh environmental conditions. The low loss rate thanks to its robustness, effectively reduces the maintenance costs of equipment and the additional expenses of the enterprise.